Lyon to mull waiving V&T fees

The effort to extend the Virginia and Truckee Railway to Carson City could get a boost if the Lyon County Commission approves a waiver of utility fees for the group doing the reconstruction.

Lyon County Commissioner Larry McPherson, who also sits on the board of directors for the Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway, said he and other V&T board members were asked to do what they could to reduce fees.

"This would be Lyon County's contribution to the V&T," he said. "We've already done some things up there, with water rights and things like that. That's what they're asking. I don't think we're going to have a problem with doing that."

The commission will hear the matter on Thursday at its regular meeting.

Utilities Director Mike Workman estimated the water fees would be about $21,550 for the upcoming fiscal year.

"It's an estimate of their costs," he said. "It can vary. This will be for the water system, line work and connections.

The railroad wants a 1 1/2-inch water line for an emergency fill station for the steam engine, which would cost $17,212. There are also fees for installation and inspections and water tests.

"They have to relocate a water line and add a couple connections, so I put together a list of fees," he said.

Workman said he had no recommendation for the board. It's something they have to decide.

Workman said waiving fees is rare, but there have been times when fees associated with inspection or staff time were waived.

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