JAC riders stuck in Carson on Saturdays

Riders who used Carson City's bus service to get to the Topsy Lane shopping area on Saturdays will have to find a new way there starting today.

Douglas County agreed last month to pick up Jump Around Carson (JAC) riders at a transfer point with its bus service, Douglas Area Rapid Transit (DART), near Costco on Old Clear Creek Road, then bring them over the county line to the shopping center, Carson Valley Plaza.

It was part of a deal that ended the city's bus service to the shopping center, which is less than one mile from Costco.

But the Douglas bus service does not run on Saturdays and, according to Scott Morgan, director of community services for Douglas County, the county does not have plans to start. Neither JAC nor DART runs on Sundays.

The county will start bringing riders from Carson City to the shopping center on Monday, Morgan said. "We are not seeking reimbursement to do that."

The city's transportation commission worked to stop service to Topsy Lane after Douglas declined to pay Carson the $16,000 the city said it spent each year to run its buses to the shopping center.

About 30 people a day used the city's bus service to go to the shopping center, according to the city's transportation department. Most of these were city residents going to work or shop.

Saturdays were not the busiest days for rides to the shopping center, said Patrick Pittenger, city transportation manager, but it is a problem in an otherwise good deal.

"People will be inconvenienced and we know that," he said.

Pittenger pointed out that Douglas did agree to spend $1,600 for a bus hut at the transfer point that is now a bench and a garbage can. The county, he said, also agreed to time its trips over the county line so people would not have to wait.

"I'm satisfied with how far we got in such a short period of time," he said about negotiations with Douglas.

The route that used to go to the shopping center will now stop north of the Carson City-Douglas County border and loop around Snyder Avenue, Silver Sage Drive and Clearview Drive back to Carson Street.

Carson City started its bus service in October 2005 and pays $450,000 a year for it. It carries about 9,000 riders a month.

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