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120 years ago

The man who is helping put up the electric wires and climbs the poles is a professional swimmer, having learned the perfection of the art in the Sandwich Islands.

100 years ago

One Jolly Night. Zinn's Big Musical Co. 30 people. "Teez-Weezy" a bright, tuneful comedy, gorgeous wardrobe, special scenery. This is the real musical production of the season.

70 years ago

Jose Ramos must die in the lethal gas chamber. The Mexican government was represented at the final pardons board meeting. Ramos had killed Sancedo for revenge near Palisade. Robbery was determined to be the motive by Sancedo after a large amount of money was found on his person.

50 years ago

Sale of the 1,000-acre Settlemeyer ranch in Carson Valley to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gordon, operators of the Double Horseshoe ranch near Dayton, was confirmed this week. The ranch was sold by state Sen. Fred Settlemeyer and his sister, Irma, for an undisclosed sum. The ranch was homesteaded by William Salge and later sold to Thomas Irvine, who sold it to H. W. Settlemeyer in 1887. The sale includes joint ownership of the Red, Crater and Scotts lakes.

20 years ago

Carson City jewelry store owner Hart Martarotti, 60, owner of Hart Jewelry, was gunned down in his store Saturday afternoon in what was though to be a robbery gone bad.

10 years ago

Carson law enforcement officers and the president of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers say tougher standards would mean fewer lives lost. It would also send out the message that Nevadans don't tolerate drunken driving.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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