Living in Minden I was interested in the article from your Nation section on Sunday, "Questions raised about using sewage plant wastes as fertilizer."

The EPA data quoted in the article would seem to be reason enough for Douglas County to immediately stop construction of the 42-acre sewage lake almost completed just yards from the Saratoga Springs homes in Minden and just north of Stephanie Lane.

As your newspaper detailed in May, Douglas County is planning to process 2 million gallons of sewage a day thanks to the new plant with much of the effluent to be discharged into many local fields, just like they tried to do in Georgia.

Your Sunday article points out Georgia has been experimenting with the same idea with disastrous results: dead cattle, rat poison-like chemicals in local milk, poisoned farm land, and high levels of dangerous elements in the sludge. And, there will be issues of noxious odors and the insect breeding ground this facility will create.

The eastern and southern portions of Douglas County have hundreds and hundreds of square miles of open space. It makes absolutely no sense for the County to carve a 42-acre sludge lake right in the heart of such a populated area as Johnson and Stephanie Lanes.

And, now, Georgia's experience should be telling us "STOP!" before an even more terrible result will follow.



Some questions for a school board member

It has been said that everyone will, at some point in their lives, achieve 15 minutes of fame. However, when I think about a certain exiled school teacher turned school board member, I ask why isn't there a limit on INFAMY?

I do agree, though, on the need for transparency in a selection process. I, as do Mr. Enge and Mr. Muth, have a set of questions that I would like to offer to any candidate Ð be it a political candidate or otherwise. They are:

1. Are there any establishments in Carson City that you have been kicked out of or been banned from?

2. When you drive, do you tend to cut corners sharply so as to pass through the front yards of sleeping homeowners?

Here is another question for everyone in general. When does Joe Enge come up for re-election?


Carson City

Students need to master basics first

Recently I learned from the news media that the California court system has judged it illegal for California parents to home educate their children, rather than to send them to public school. How outrageous is that? I sympathize with parents who realize their children aren't being properly educated. The problem is not just in California, it is nationwide.

The education system is graduating high school students who can't make monetary change from a simple sales transaction; they don't understand financial interest and they can't properly balance a personal checking account statement. The list goes on and on - all tasks that need to be learned to exist in the real world. Please don't misunderstand me. All students don't fall into this category, but too many do.

I believe that the system is too focused on hi-tech technology, rather than ensuring that the student has mastered the basics.

I congratulate parents who stand up to court rulings and who insist on a better education for their children.


Carson City

A shout out to the Little Toots

How thrilling it was to be entertained by Fremont Elementary School's second grade chorus "Little Toots!" The children gave a lively, musical, railroad tribute to the seniors and guests at the Carson City Senior Center during lunch on Friday, March 7. It was refreshing to hear young voices carry our memories back to the days when train whistles were daily occurrences across our great nation. Thank you Little Toots for an excellent performance. You certainly made my day!


Carson City


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