Lyon alters mobile home ordinance

By Karen Woodmansee

Appeal Staff Writer

Lyon County residents wanting mobile or manufactured homes on their lots will now have up to 180 days after receiving their permit to complete installation.

That was one of several changes to mobile home ordinance the Lyon County Commissioners approved during the second public hearing last week to amend the current ordinance.

The amended ordinance was first proposed on Feb. 7.

Building Director Nick Malarchik said the purpose of the amended ordinance is to combine two chapters in the regulations that deal with mobile homes into one chapter. He suggested five changes, with one being to extend the life of the set-up permit from 120 days to 180 days.

"This gives property owners adequate time to do the work," he said. "It's more in line with the normal building permit."

Another change is that property owners are required to convert ay mobile home installed since 1998 to real property unless the home is 20 years old. The previous age of the home was 15 years.

Originally Malarchik had suggested allowing homes older than 15 years - the current limit - to be brought into Lyon County, but the ordinance approved last week retains that requirement after commissioners expressed opposition to the change.

Also, the new ordinance does not allow mobile homes as watchman's quarters in C-2 zoning.

Malarchik said he has received supportive letters from Trendsetter Homes in Silver Springs as well as other businesses.

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