Cover photo of the poster child for Heroin abuse, you have to love it. What next? Cover photo of the Ho of the month?

Nevada Appeal - you're not very Appealing.


Carson City

Hats off to loggers

When I lived in Grants Pass, Ore., I worked in the woods as a logger. I have set "chokers," drove trucks hauling logs to a mill, used dynamite to clear roads, topped trees for rigging, drove "Cats" (Caterpillar tractors), worked on "jammers" to pick up logs from a cold deck to place them on trucks, and, during the long winters, "bucked" logs in snow up to my waist. During a few windy days, I narrowly missed getting hurt from "widow makers," debris hanging in the trees above. Due to my sharp eye and experience, I survived months working in the woods.

Contrary to what the naive public thinks about loggers, they are usually short, can eat bricks and successfully fight their way through a field of wild cats. Most saloons would go broke waiting for loggers to patronize their establishments as sobriety is a key to survival in the woods.

I seriously believe no other job is as energy-sapping as logging, with the exception of "ground hogs" who, day after day construct tunnels beneath the earth. My hat is off to the men who venture into the woods for life threatening employment but the recent ad on TV for a program called, "AxMen" is a lot of sensationalism calculated to sell TV time.


Carson City

Torn between the Democrats

Elections have everyone talking this year. In November, we plan on electing our next president. The competition is close. We have Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama running against each other representing the Democratic Party. Sen. Clinton is the first woman ever to run; she has a lot of experience being that her husband, former ex-president, served the country two terms. Meanwhile, Sen. Obama is the first black male to run with experience from his seat in the Senate. These two also believe that our troops should come back home and the war should come to an end. Sen. Clinton is for pro-healthcare for all Americans, while Sen. Obama is for pro-education whether it's children or teachers in America. They both believe in bringing the nation out of our recession with trying to create more jobs in America versus shipping it out to a third world country.

Both senators share very good points for our nation. It will be a very tough and close call for our next president. Hillary Clinton is second and Barrack Obama first place. It will be great to see the first woman president ever or the first black male to become president. I would be happy to see our troops come home, as well as the economy to get back into shape. I myself am a registered Democrat and have been for the last 10 years. With these two candidates I still don't know for whom to vote. How about you? Have you decided on who will run our country for the next four years to come? Take a chance and make a difference.


Carson City

Think twice before casting your vote

You should think twice before anyone places an (X) next to Hillary Clinton's name. Here's one thing everyone should remember. Hillary was living in the White House when Monica Lewinsky and former president Bill Clinton had their little get together in the Oval Room of the White House. If while Hillary was living under the same roof as Bill when this incident took place and she couldn't control him, how in the world is she going to be able to control the whole United States should she be elected as the new president of the United States of America?

More so! What are our children and foreign countries going to think in years to come when they read about the discredit, scandal and embarrassment it brought upon us in their history books, yet, eight years later the American people went ahead and elected the womanizer's wife who should of had some shame. Hillary may have forgotten and forgiven Bill in his little escapade, but decent American's haven't. What's bound to happen while Hillary's busy in the presidential office and Bill's alone in their bedroom?




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