Change begins on Monday

Christmas isn't tomorrow, but for some people looking for new directions and new ideas in their government, it may seem that way.

It's the first day candidates can file for office and, even more than voting itself, it's the truest expression of the greatness of our democracy.

What candidates will walk through the doors of the clerks' offices bursting with new ideas, energized to make their communities better? What longtime public servants will decide they wish to continue their service?

We have the utmost respect for people willing to make personal sacrifices to run for office. They instantly become public figures, subjecting their lives to scrutiny that private citizens can seldom fathom. If you need proof of that, just ask our governor.

Several candidates have already announced a run for office, so we know we'll see a rematch of the Dean Heller-Jill Derby race of two years ago. Locally, Mayor Marv Teixeira has said he won't be walking through those doors to file papers again, but four others say they will.

We hope they're joined by many other candidates for those and other races before the filing period ends May 16.

This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board.


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