Study begins process to build 2nd bridge in Dayton

A study has begun to determine how much it would cost to build a second bridge over the Carson River.

The $18,340 hydraulic analysis study, done by TEC Engineering, will focus on a potential bridge at Cardelli Road, at the Cardelli-Sutro alignment, determining how high and long it would have to be.

The study was approved by county commissioners last year.

J.R. Hildebrand, an engineer with TEC Civil Engineering, said costs would be lower at the narrower area of the river, but the county would have to pay to acquire easements, something it already has at Cardelli.

"It's probably not the most ideal location from an engineering standpoint, but a lot of the politics is put to bed if it is located at that point," he said.

He also said the Cardelli location was more environmentally sound.

Hildebrand estimated it would take a month to present the study to the board.

At the 2007 meeting, three locations were considered: Pine Cone Road, Chaves Ranch, near the Riverview Elementary School, and Cardelli.

More than 150 residents of Dayton attended a Dayton Regional Advisory Council meeting in February, many voicing their objection to the Chaves Road location.

Later, 62 residents of the Riverpark subdivision signed a petition opposing the Cardelli location.

They said the Chaves location forced drivers to go too far out of the way to get to the south side of the Carson River, and a loop put in to route traffic away from Dayton Valley Road would diminish their quality of life.

Sheriff Allen Veil and Central Lyon County Fire Chief John Gillenwater stated their preference for the Cardelli location, noting it would be the best way to ensure public safety equipment could get to populated areas quickly.

At the time, Commissioner LeRoy Goodman said the issue was public safety.

Commissioner Bob Milz said when the Riverpark development was approved, developers Reynen and Bardis gave the county an easement for a bridge at that location.

"At that time we did approve it and it was included in the current master plan," he said in 2007. "That's where the bridge was to go."

Now, Milz said he would like to consider a bridge at Chaves near the Riverview Elementary School where the river is not as wide.

"We went with this one because the public supported it and we voted with our hearts," he said. "We need to do what is going to cost us the least amount of money."

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