Carnival brings out multi-generations of revelers

Amy Lisenbe/Nevada Appeal

Amy Lisenbe/Nevada Appeal

In traditional Hallmark parlance, Mother's Day is the day mom gets to sleep in, get some undercooked (or burned) breakfast in bed, time to read a favorite book and maybe enjoy fresh flowers or chocolates.

Of course, Carsonites don't always adhere to tradition.

Mothers (and grandmothers) of all stripes descended upon Mills Park on Sunday for a spring carnival celebration. The guests of honor (mothers) were given hand stamps denoting a day of free rides to celebrate the rite of motherhood.

Judging from the high-pitched screams coming from jingling carnival rides with contextual names like "Star Trooper," "Super Tilt," and "Rok 'n Roll", belonging to the moms among us, the 65-degree weather and a day to soak it in with children and friends was the preferred mode of celebration of mommy here.

"We've got the need for speed," said Brook Koepenick, a recent New Hampshire transplant to Northern Nevada. "This is my first (Mother's Day) here and we're having a blast.

"It's a mellow, good time."

Daughter Alexandra, 12, a sixth grader at Minden Elementary, said she was happy to be joining her mom at the carnival, "it's just great," she said as the pair, holding hands, rushed to an empty car in a teacup-like ride.

Some families had three (or more) generations on hand.

While chatting with a few of her friends and relatives in front of the "Rok 'n Roll" ride, Denyella Dunn said her daughter, Nina, 8, was off with her grandmother enjoying one of the carnival's attractions.

"I know they're around here somewhere," Dunn said. "It's just a good place to be on a day like today.

"... Can't speak for all the moms here, but the best gift you can get is spending the day with your children."

Indeed, whether giving toddlers their first taste of kettle korn or cotton candy, or winning that first goldfish in the ring toss, most were seemingly just loving a Sunday in the park.

"We've just been walking around for a little bit - enjoying the day," said Alison Orris, who with husband Jeremy and son Logan, 21 months, were taking the carnival in from a grassy clearing.

Orris, however, may have gotten the day's most interesting gift: "It was body jewelry for him," she said. "Yeah, I guess that's exciting."

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