Trial proceeds for man accused of sex crimes against children

Daniel Green

Daniel Green

The Lyon County man accused of committing hundreds of sex crimes against children wants to proceed to trial as quickly as possible, which could be later this month.

Daniel DeWayne Green, 41, is charged with one count of lewdness with a child under the age of 14, four counts of use of a minor as a subject in the production of pornography, three counts of unlawfully obtaining and using the personal identification of another to harm a person and 265 counts of possession of visual pornography of a person under 16 years of age.

Green previously pleaded not guilty to previous charges of failing to register as a sex offender and lewdness with a child.

Green told Judge Leon Aberasturi he does not want to file a writ and instead wants to go to trial within the 60-day mandate, A trial date on the earlier charges had been set for May 22.

Public Defender Paul Drakulich said he has yet to discuss the speedy-day requirement with the district attorney's office or his client, but he thinks it would make sense to try Green on the most serious charges first.

If Green were convicted, Drakulich said it would make little sense to go forward with the failing to register as a sex offender and lewdness with a child trial. Aberasturi said he would have difficulty finding two weeks for this trial within 60 days.

Drakulich said be would speak with the district attorney's office and his client to see if the 60-day requirement could be waived.

Drakulich said he will know the direction of the case by Tuesday, and will inform Judge Robert Estes in that day's law and motion of the decision.

In the case where Green is accused of hundreds of sex crimes, a firm trial date has been set for the last part of July and early August.

Drakulich also informed Aberasturi that he plans to file a motion to ask an expert to testify at his client's trial but added he does not know the cost for obtaining one.

When Drakulich receives a price from the expert, he will inform the court.

Green was in jail on a bail of $25,882 on the prior charges before being arrested on the later charges where his bail was set at $300,000.


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