Event made certain Armed Forces weren't forgotten

Even though we are at war, Armed Forces Day - that holiday set aside to honor men and women who serve and have served in uniform - might have slipped by with little notice in Carson City if not for the efforts of a determined group of residents.

For months, they'd planned events to raise money and awareness for wounded troops and their families and, on Saturday, those events unfolded throughout the community beneath the U.S. flag on C Hill.

The first-time event had stiff competition from other happenings in the region, not to mention the hot weather, and that was reflected in the attendance. But, in the end, they did raise thousands of dollars for the cause, and organizers are thinking of taking what they learned this time around and staging a similar event next year.

And a worthwhile cause it is, especially in a time of war. The wounded who come home often get little notice. But because of the moral and financial support that come from events like this, they and their families don't have to feel like they're forgotten after the sacrifices they've made and will continue to make for their country.

We thank organizers, as well as the participants in all the events and those who donated to the cause, for all their efforts.

• This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board.


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