There is no reason to buy ice cream at a drive-thru


I bought ice cream at a drive-thru this week even though that was both lazy and inexcusable.

Unless you've kidnapped someone and want to make sure your prisoner doesn't escape the car, there's no reason not to open the door, walk a short distance and order the ice cream inside.

I didn't get out of my car, however, because I was born in America and Americans love to go everywhere in their cars and drive over anything they can.

This has to be the only reason for drive-thrus exist because they are not convenient at all.

Inside the restaurant, you can look at the menu and order when you're ready. At the drive-thru, you have to make an immediate decision once you've pull up to the menu board.

The car behind you will ram you and restaurant employees will hate you if you don't.

I also feel silly talking to someone through an intercom when I could walk around the side of the building and see them in person.

I don't think the order needs to be covert.

But I usually don't remember I don't like going through drive-thrus until I get to the part of the transaction where I have to give the employee the money.

I remember I don't like drive-thrus at that point, because I hate being forced to transport money out of my window, across the chasm between my car and the building and then, finally, into the hands of an employee.

Restaurants need to get those cylinder containers banks use.

Anyway, buying ice cream at a drive-thru is stupid because you have to eat it in the parking lot or while driving. I guess you could bring it inside, but that would be weird.

I've tried to eat ice cream in the parking lot after I've bought it at a drive-thru, but I always end up eating it while I'm driving because I don't want to be seen eating ice cream alone in my car in a parking lot.

"What happened in the restaurant?" someone who sees me might think.

But I really should stop and eat the ice cream, or at least buy a cooler to bring it home in, because I always spill some of it my pants when I'm driving.

I have to make a decision after that about what to do: Concentrate on driving, clean my pants or steer with my knees and continue to eat the ice cream.

I eat the ice cream, of course. Who has the time to stop and wait in their car?

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