A Disneyland adventure: Carson residents chosen at random to spend a night in Disney's Dream Suite

There are a few Carson City students who had no problem telling a magical story the first week of school about their vacations.

Shayla Clyde,12, and Baylee Hale, 7, were on a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim along with Shayla's dad, Wes, and Baylee's mother, Becky Meadows (Wes and Becky are engaged).

Wes, who works for the DOT in Carson City, and Shayla, were just about to explore the Matterhorn when two ladies asked if they could spare a moment, hinting they might have won something big. They were told to meet at the park's town hall to find out what it was.

Wes got a hold of Becky and Baylee, who were exploring another part of the park, and they met up to find out they 'd won the Dream Suite Giveaway. In other words they had won the gift of a night in the $3 million Disneyland Dream Suite inside Disneyland Park " a place that's not available at any price.

The free stays are being offered this year only, and the selection is completely random. The Dream Suite was once intended as Walt Disney's private apartment, and each room corresponds to a part of the park, including French provincial, Victorian era, Fantasyland theme, Frontierland, Main Street U.S.A. The courtyard had electronic fireflies in the trees and from the balcony they could overlook everything. They even got to to serve as grand marshals of the day's parade

"Each little thing inside that room is magical," Wes said.



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