Blogs You Should Check Out

The Nevada Appeal's Web site is host to several blogs. Some are staff writers and other are members of the community.

Here's the page where you can find all of them:

Here's the list of individual blogs:

: Native Nevadan and Appeal staffer Teri Vance writes about the people, places and events that make Nevada unique.

: Sgt. 1st Class Erick Studenicka shares the happenings of the Nevada National Guard.

: Thoughts from a barber shop.

: Darrell Moody covers the Western Athletic Conference for the Nevada Appeal. He writes a weekly notebook during football and basketball season.

: Nevada Appeal crime writer F.T. Norton shows the other side of the stories she writes for the paper.

: Carson High School graduate Tim Suchsland tells of life in the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan.

: Editorial assistant Debbie Gansberg relates stories from her own life as well as tidbits that come across her desk in the Appeal newsroom.

: Being a tech geek is a tough gig. I hope this will help you get through the day...

If you don't want a regular blog, here's a place where anyone can write and share information.

: Carson Etc. is a public blog where readers can discuss whatever topics they feel are important to the community.

: A place for students, teachers, parents and administrators to discuss any issues pertaining to education.

Our community already has some active bloggers, bringing information and starting discussions that could be important or interesting to you.

Check them out:

: Scott Schrantz hosts this site where the people who live here get to talk about their town, in their own words. There are no gatekeepers, no editors, just you and your voice.

: Jeff Moser brings the latest in bicycle commuting and recreation.

: A blog mostly about a sustainable lifestyle but also about living in our high desert area.

: A view of Nevada's Wild Landscape as seen through the lens of Kurt Kuznicki's camera.

: The Nevada Commission on Tourism takes you on a virtual tour of the Silver State.

If you're interested in starting blog, or know of one that should be included on this list, e-mail Teri Vance at or call (775) 881-1272.


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