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Palin would lead the country to theocracy

We have all heard recently, that when it comes down to it, voters vote for the presidential candidate, not the candidate for vice-president. I do not believe a word of it and here's why: About three years ago, I had a political discussion with a long-time intelligent 71-year-old woman. She vowed that she could not and would not ever vote for Sen. McCain for president because of his experience as a P.O.W. She said she believed that he was dangerously psychologically impaired.

Yesterday I had another phone conversation with her. She said that she was very excited because before the Republican convention she did not have a candidate, but now she did.

I reminded her of what she had previously said about McCain and she said, "Yes, I did say that, but now we have Sarah Palin!"

"So you're voting for Palin then?" I asked, and she replied, "Yes." Interesting is the fact that she is pro-choice and pro-gay-marriage and she didn't explain why she would vote for Palin

I do not believe she is alone in this sort of irrational thinking. There are so many voters who are too lazy to do any in-depth analysis of issues and therefore they resort to making choices that suit their pre-conceived ideas.

My personal belief is that if Senator McCain is elected president and God forbid, should not be able to finish his term of office, Sarah Palin will be in a position to lead this country from a Democracy into a Theocracy.

Please sign me "A Liberal Democrat and proud of it."


Carson City

Doesn't like Obama's stand on guns

Is it just fine with my fellow Nevadans that Mr. Barack Obama plans on folding the 2nd amendment into a paper airplane and call it his defense plan for our nation?

We as law abiding citizens have a RIGHT to keep and bear arms, but just by the skin of our teeth thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling. They voted to determine if the 2nd amendment allowed us as citizens to keep and bear arms, or just the military. Can you believe those clowns took it to a 5-4 vote in favor of citizens? And what do you suppose will happen when Obama appoints just one wildly liberal Judge to offset the balance. Here are just a few choice selections from Obama's stance on gun control, and if you don't believe me, look into it for yourself.

Wants to totally eliminate the right of concealed carry nationwide.

Voted to make it possible to prosecute innocent citizens who use firearms in self-defense.

Voted to allow predatory lawsuits intended to bankrupt the firearms industry.

Wants to bring back the failed Clinton assault weapons ban, discredited even by Clinton's own supporters.

Voted to ban virtually every type of rifle ammunition used for hunting and sport.

Liberal or conservative, Dems and Reps alike should recognize the fact that our rights are being attacked one at a time. You support gay marriage? Fine, it doesn't affect me one way or another. Taxes? There is no escape either way. Abortion? You and your conscience can hash that out, but back off the amendments please. Those are not for us to disregard, they are for future generations to know what America is all about, not to mention defend our families and country from threats, foreign AND domestic.




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