Deputies see rise in auto burglaries

The Carson City Sheriff's Office has seen an increase in auto burglaries in recent weeks, said Lt. Ken Sandage.

Twenty-nine reports were taken by deputies during the month of August. He said most of the items taken were from vehicles that were not locked.

The Sheriff's Office urges to follow these simple prevention tips:

• Close your windows and lock your doors (the simplest & easiest

prevention technique).

• Remove valuables or place them in the trunk of your automobile.

• Remove pull-out style radio face plates.

• Park in well lit areas when possible.

• Park where your car will be easily & frequently viewed

• Park in your garage if you have one.

• Use a car alarm, it will alert anyone nearby.

Carson City Secret Witness offers rewards for information leading the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in any crime. To make an anonymous tip call 322-4900.


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