Letters to the Editor

Tax recipients soon to outnumber taxpayers

Betty Criswell obviously has considerable knowledge of the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program and other misnamed "entitlement" programs available to residents of America at taxpayers' expense.

I have no problem whatsoever in assisting people in need, on a temporary basis. The problem exists when these payments become a way of life to some because it has become too easy. Numerous times I have witnessed the WIC "purchase" of 8 to10 cans of formula for an infant of 1 to 4 months of age. That should last an infant several months. Also, WIC pays only for name brand products while the rest of us have to buy store brands to save a little.

This program is abused by not all, but too many young people. I'd like to see a similar WIC program for our senior citizens who are scrimping on their food purchases so they can pay for their expensive medication for survival. At least they have worked, paid their own way for many years and earned a little assistance. When 40 percent of births in this country in 2008 were to unmarried women, why do the rest of us have to pay for their irresponsibility when they apply and get WIC even before the birth of their child?

Taxpayers are soon to be outnumbered by tax recipients, then what? They are tired of paying for their liberal government's "entitlements." We hear a lot of promises for change. A change here would save money instead of spending money.



We must not relax our green energy efforts

Advances in technology afford two options for disposal of most nuclear waste: Reprocessing for use as reactor fuel and vitrification for long-term storage. Both can be performed on site.

Vitrification " blending wastes with molten glass " produces inert, non-reactive capsules which can safely be stored on site or transported elsewhere without risk.

A small quantity of deadly waste remains, however, that has defied neutralization; consequently, construction of new nuclear power plants must be deferred pending solution of this problem. This will take time.

Alternative energy sources can provide pollution-free power in the immediate future. The technology exists. The obstacles are known and can be overcome. With the combined efforts of science, industry, business and government, America can meet the challenge.

A whole new industry can be created, translating to a massive increase in employment; a fertile field for entrepreneurs and investors and freedom from dependence on external sources for our energy needs.

We must forego the consumptive patterns of the past, and be more receptive to the allocation of lands for the installation of wind, solar and geothermal facilities; and to the expansion of our power grid to reap the electricity produced at remote sites.

The price drop in oil is temporary. It will rise again with a vengeance. We must not relax our green efforts. Rather, we must maximize the development of clean energy without delay.

Our reward will be victory over economic crisis, freedom from dependence on foreign oil and a cleaner, healthier America.




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