Timeout with Aces' first baseman Josh Whitesell

Reno Aces first baseman Josh Whitesell has plenty to be happy about. Not only was he named the Pacific Coast League's Rookie of the Year in 2008 and could be called up to the Arizona Diamondbacks sometime this season, he recently found out he was going to be a father.

JL: You were in Tucson last year, how does the Aces Ballpark stack up with Tucson Electric Park?

JW: It's a newer facility obviously and that always brings both the good and the bad where stuff's still not working yet but then you got everything that's brand new and top quality. So it's great to be able to come in here in the first season in Reno and get to experience all that.

JL: I heard the showers weren't working.

JW: Yeah, no hot water yet, but that's coming.

JL: You were the team's top hitter last year (.328 BA, 26 HR, 110 RBI) after a few down years. What clicked for you?

JW: I think a combination of experience and just confidence. Getting those at bats in every year, staying healthy to be able to get consistent at bats and be able to be in there everyday really helped get the timing down and confidence just grew over the course of the year and I feel I got on a little of bit of roll.

JL: What have you been doing in the offseason to try to improve yourself?

JW: I have my offseason conditioning program with strength and conditioning and pilates and weight lifting, stretching and all that to make sure that I'm healthy and on field everyday so I can be able to improve.

JL: I heard you had some kids on the way.

JW: Yeah, my wife's pregnant with twins. She's due in mid-July. It's a boy and a girl.

JL: So you don't have any kids already?

JW: No, I have a dog. He's my son right now.

JL: What's his name?

JW: Crash, for Kevin Costner's character in Bull Durham.


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