Protect your vision from the strain of hours in at the computer

These days, computers are a vital part of everyday life. But all that screen time puts strain on the eyes. The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends you rest your eyes frequently " by looking away from the computer for 20 seconds or so " and blink forcefully or use a humidifier to keep them moist. Here are some more suggestions for dealing with what the AOA calls computer vision syndrome:

- Adjust your monitor to its highest resolution. The better clarity will be more comfortable on the eyes. But if the high resolution makes things too small to see, try boosting the font size.

- Minimize reflected glare on your monitor with dimmer lights or glare reduction filters. (Look for filters with the AOA Seal of Acceptance.) If you can, eliminate bright light from your peripheral vision and position your monitor perpendicular to windows or lights.

- Work at a distance that is comfortable for you. You should not have to strain to see the screen.

- Talk to your optometrist about the computer work you do. General eyeglass prescriptions, such as bifocals, may not be adequate since computers are usually further and higher than most other reading tasks.


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