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Sex offense proposal fraught with questions

We are considering a bill, making it a sex offense to hire a minor person as a prostitute. Age 16 is the age of consent in Nevada. Unlicensed prostitution is a crime. Some well-intentioned person sponsored this. For me, it is fraught with questions.

Who do we say is the victim, a minor person committing a crime by exercising their legal right? Why do we target only the end user? Would not the agent, pimp, be guilty of sexually exploiting a minor person?

Why is this not a sex crime? Is it not a crime for the minor person to recklessly endanger a person's freedoms in a crime carrying such serious consequences? If they are old enough to choose, are they not old enough to take responsibility? Are we only trying to create more sex offenders, to add to an already costly and overburdened system, which does next to nothing to protect us? Do we actually believe registration is supervision?

How can we afford to be so naïve?


Carson City

Too many rotten eggs at annual Easter event

It's such a nice treat when the community gets together to put on an event for young children such as the Indian Hills Easter egg hunt. Much thanks to all of those who put forth their time and effort to provide others with a family day full of fun.

On the other hand, it's quite a shame that so many rotten eggs showed up. I was shocked at how many parents ran out into the 4- to 6-year-old egg hunt to help their children who already had a basket full of eggs push past other young children to greedily snatch up more eggs (Yes, the adults.).

I also saw adult after adult jump in front of many young children who were patiently waiting their turn for a quick snapshot with the Easter Bunny. As a young mother who strives to teach my 4-year-old daughter patience, manners and, above all else, respect for other individuals, it was extremely disappointing to see so many parents (of all ages) who are teaching selfishness, disrespect and ignorance toward others all by example of their own behavior.


Carson City

Carson City region: Just south of usual

Many of the capital region's officials representing our area's tourism industry attended the state's recent "Rural Tourism Round-up" in Fallon. Hopefully, they are energized with new ideas, projects and enthusiasm to promote northern Nevada.

From the sidelines (it's easy to be a "sidewalk supervisor") I would like to suggest two simple ideas: 1) Turn the closed Gottschalks store, and the entire Carson City Mall, into a convention center. This would automatically be successful because of overbooking at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. Win-win for everyone; and 2) Take advantage of Reno's image, aggressive marketing and advertising by using the slogan: "The Capital Region, Just South of Usual," followed by an e-mail address.

Just a couple of thoughts ...




Carson City


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