Classic tale staged for children by children

Kevin Clifford/Nevada Appeal

Kevin Clifford/Nevada Appeal

The classic tale of a redemptive love that sees past appearances and beyond self-doubt comes to Carson City in a child-friendly version.

Wild Horse Children's Theater will stage "Beauty and the Beast, Jr." at the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada beginning Friday.

"It is a place where magic can and will happen," said Carol Scott, executive director of Wild Horse Children's Theater. "But above all else, it is a moving and, at times, funny love story for everyone to enjoy."

"Beauty and the Beast, Jr." is a shorter version of the Broadway classic with music rekeyed for children's voices, explained Pat Josten, producer of the show.

Based on the Academy Award-winning animated feature, the stage version of Disney's "Beauty & the Beast, Jr." includes all the songs from the film, plus new songs written especially for the stage.

"We are very excited to have the opportunity to be one of the first children's theater companies in the world to present Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast, Jr .,'" Scott said.

The 100 children in the cast are divided into two casts that have been practicing since January. They range in age from 5 to 18 and come from Carson City, Carson Valley, Reno, Sparks, Fernley, Fallon, Dayton and Lake Tahoe.

The production includes some of the most intricate costuming of any Wild Horse show since the company began three years ago.

"The kids are doing wonderful," Josten said. "The set and the costumes for this one are just outstanding. We have a two-story set and the costumes for Lumiere and Mrs. Potts are tremendous.

The story of "Beauty and the Beast, Jr." transports the audience to a French provincial town where the beautiful Belle lives with her father, a dotty inventor, who is taken captive in an old castle by a horrible beast. She trades her own freedom for her father's. Belle tames the unfortunate Beast who is transformed by her love into a handsome prince.

In addition to the play, Wild Horse Children's Theater and the Children's museum will host Prince & Princess Parties before the matinee productions. Characters from the play will attend the tea parties with their guests. The parties include pictures with Belle, crown crafts, and a prize.

The ticket price for the Prince & Princess parties is $20 and includes the party with pictures of Belle, crafts and prizes, plus priority seating for that day's performance of "Beauty and The Beast, Jr." Space is limited.

Tickets for the play only are $10 for adults, $8 for seniors/students, $5 for ages 4 - 12. Children 3 and under are free.

NARRATORS: Sydney Mills, Katie Koerner, Sara Session

DANCE TROUPE: Chelsea Fenn, Courtney Griffins, Rebecca Hanzlik, Lexi Brennecke, Kaydance Rogers, Amanda Slabaugh


Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress: Elizabeth Menke

Belle: Heather Canfield/Melody Ricketts

Maurice: Emery Mulligan

Gaston: Veronika Avitia

Lefou: Grant Davis

Silly Girls: Melissa Tuttle, Emma Winkelman, Emma Sperry, Rebecca Martin, Mariah Whitcome, Samantha Suessmith, Sarah Collin, Melissa Kulla, Samantha Lowe, Payton Henderson

Fish Man: Victor Favero

Egg Seller: Taylor Allen

Baker: Henry Wilson

Lady with cane: Monique Hautekeet

Lady with baby: Rachel Jones

Milk Maid: Natasha Franzen

Flower Girl: Maegan McKean

Hat Seller: Jordan Sullivan

Book Seller: Challen Wright

Candlemaker: Roslyn Esau

Shepard Boys: Devlin Munsdeane, Joshua Niete Monsieure D'Arque: Nick Hummel/Taylor Allen

Wolves: Victor Favero, Devlin Munsdeane

Village Children: Sebastian Krueger, Sabrina Krueger, Will Contine, Kaiyla Dowling, David Franzen, Alina Mundsdeane, Leilah Van Straten, Emmalee Bishop, Mira Caraway, Sarah Gomer, Holden Moore


Prince: Jesse Toral

Prince/Beast: Jace Winkelman

Lumiere: Kenni Kinsey/Kasia McKay

Babbette: Hannah Hartman/Marisela Avitia

Chip: Katie Berger

Madame La Grand Bouche: Jayme Foremaster/Adriana Avitia

Flatware: Emma Brennecke, Victoria Martin, Bryce O'Connor, Juliana Nunez, Maddie Stock, Kayla Payette, Megan Eason, Kaitlin Lucky, Christian Holyfield-Wilson, Hannah Pozum, Kathryn Boatwright, Stephen Franzen, Felicia Wygant, Jesse Toral, Elisabeth Barulich, Swayzee Elefante, Regan Lowe, Darby Griffin, Bailey Griffin, Kennedy Evins, Anna Mercer, Sarah Beck

Chef Mice: Braden Holub, Reina Winkelman, Alexis Schreiber, Matthew Eason, Kinsley Daggett, Isabel Esau, Isabelle dupont-Moore, Natalie Smith, Cierra Randall


Director: Carol Scott

Producer: Pat Josten

Technical Director: Jeffrey Scott

Musical Director: Alan Catron

Choreographer: Robin Kato

Fight Choreographer: Christopher James

Costume Coordinator: Lynn Libby

Mural Artist: Katie Packham

Prop Coordinator: Dezi Davis

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Menke

Light Design: Jeffrey Scott

Set Design: Jeffrey Scott

Graphic Design: Tara Burke

Sound Engineer: Preston Dunn

Light Operator: Jeffrey Scott

Sound Operator: Dezi Davis/Donald Burke

Floor Manager: Reece Canfield

Set crew: Jeffrey Scott, Donald Burke, Cast/Crew & Families

Stage Crew: Elizabeth Menke, Mysha Van Straten, Colton Brodeur, Abigail Scott, Will Allen, Jack Allen, Julia Conley, Kasia McKay


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