Bill creating legislative review of gubernatorial appointments heard in Senate

Assemblyman Bernie Anderson, D-Sparks, took his plan to give lawmakers a say in gubernatorial appointments before the Senate Government Affairs Committee Friday.

He said Nevada is one of just six states that don't require some form of confirmation of a governor's appointments to major agencies.

Anderson's plan creates a seven-member legislative committee on appointments consisting of three members from each house, with two from the majority party and one minority member. The seventh member would be the chairman of the Senate Legislative Affairs and Elections Committee, who would be non-voting except to break a tie.

Anderson said the legislative review would be limited to the directors of Business and Industry, Conservation and Natural Resources, Corrections and Taxation, the chairman of the gaming commission and members of the Gaming Control Board, Public Utility Commission and Parole Board.

He said the committee would have 60 days to hold a hearing on appointees. If they choose not to hold a hearing, the appointment would be affirmed. If the committee voted against the appointment, the person would be removed from that position.

AB293 has already passed the Assembly, where it was co-sponsored by a majority of the membership.

Josh Hicks, chief of staff to Gov. Jim Gibbons, said the administration would oppose the plan.

"It's definitely an encroachment on executive power," he said when the bill was introduced.

The committee took no action on the proposal.


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