Letters to the editor 8-15

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Inflaming rather than

informing on health care

Your poll for Aug. 6, "Would you take the public option of the government's health care system?", is as nonsensical as the majority of the ill-informed letters you publish on the current health care debate.

The "public option" as yet has not been defined. But, apparently on the band wagon of those who inflame rather than inform, you ask your readers to say whether or not they would take it. One can only assume those who respond don't care about facts - they have already formed an opinion.

Jon Nowlin

Carson City

Clunker program

needed for Congress

I would like to make a comment on your editorial page. It's short and to the point, I think.

We need a clunker program to be applied to Congress - we could call it term limits.

Ronald Lachance Jr.

Carson City

Elderly health care

cuts not the answer

Dear Sen. Reid:

We urge you to vote against the health care reform bill in its present form that is before Congress. While there are several very good provisions in the bill, it should not be paid for on the backs of seniors. Cutting health care for the elderly is not the way to overhaul the health care system.

You, of all people, should know that Nevada has an overwhelming number of seniors in the state who will all be affected by this bill. Taking in all the illegal immigrants who are not paying at the expense of good health care for everyone will bankrupt the health care system and raise costs for everyone.

I know that some members of Congress should reconsider their ideas and decide more wisely on how to solve this problem without doing it at the expense of the elderly.

Alfred and Susan Sheehan

Carson City

GOP folks not the only

gun-toting taxpayers

If you listen to the Republicans, they are the only ones who pay taxes and own guns and send their family members to war for this country.

In the Nevada Appeal recently, Sgt. Gary Underhill wrote about life in Iraq and the guys that he is serving with - and they are all middle class and poor who are fighting for this country.

And you Republicans tell them that their mothers, fathers and grandparents are not good enough for health care because your greed is more important.

James Stevenson

Carson City

A message for all

the irresponsible jerks

This is for all the jerks out there who have no regard for other people's property.

We did our weekly business in Carson today and stopped for dinner at a local casino before heading home to Dayton. We parked in the handicapped area, where we are permitted, next to a white beat-up vehicle which should have been our first warning (our stupidity). We had just purchased our new vehicle recently without a scratch or a ding on it.

Needless to say, when we came out, we had a nice new dent with white paint where the jerk obviously slammed their door into our car.

Well jerko, we hope you are happy, but we will be even happier when the casino looks at its security cameras to find out who you are and we can relay the info to DMV.

We work hard for what we have and highly respect other people's property like we do our own and wish these other jerks would do the same. Of course, if we did something like this to someone else's property, we would own up to it.

Karma does happen, and when you find yourself in a similar situation, know that you deserve what you get. You know who you are and don't come crying to the rest of the world when something bad happens to you.

What goes around comes around and it won't be me who does it to you.

Pam and Bill Brown



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