Enrollment open for prepaid tuition program until Feb. 28

Enrollment for the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program - which enables Nevada parents, grandparents and family friends to lock in future college tuition rates at today's prices - opened Tuesday and will continue through Feb. 28.

"With the cost of attending college continuing to go up, the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program provides families with the opportunity to meet tuition costs for their child's higher education needs at reduced rates," said Treasurer Kate Marshall.

In the past 11 years, more than 13,000 Nevada children have been enrolled in the program.

From newborns to ninth-graders, parents have a variety of options to participate in this program.

Parents can pay a lump sum, spread the payment out over five years, or pay each month from the

time of enrollment until the child is ready to start college.

The program is fully transferable to private or public out-of-state colleges and universities, and can be transferred to another family member, including a first cousin.

New components of the program added this year include a one-year university plan and a gift program that can be used by other family members and friends to give the gift of a college education.

"The program is especially affordable if parents begin an account for newborn children, with plans starting as low as $35 a month," Marshall said. "The earlier you open an account, the lower the cost."


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