Letters to the editor 12-3

How are the Democrats violating the Constitution?

Bill Beal of Carson City recently wrote that the national Democrats are advancing a Marxist Socialism-type of government. Mr. Beal condemns these alleged developments as changing our country from what the Constitution says. He then ends with the plaintive plea: People, read the Constitution.

Well, Mr. Beal, I have read the Constitution (and studied it extensively while in law school). As a result, I cannot determine what constitutional violations the Democrats have committed or are attempting to commit.

Could you please send another letter to the editor citing specific provisions of the Constitution that prohibit the acts or proposals you so deplore. I, as well as other readers of the opinion page, would certainly desire to be educated and enlightened on these constitutional infringements as soon as possible.

Jeffrey L. Russell


Let's not become like Salinas

As a former resident of Salinas, Calif., for 50-plus years, I can personally attest that the gang fiasco is a problem that was not bettered by literacy and procurement of library cards.

The first and main problem had to do with the fact that the Nuestra Familia and the Mexican Mafia were fighting among themselves for territorial and drug rights.

The second is that Salinas is a sanctuary city and the Salinas Police Department and the Monterey County Sheriff's Department cannot interface with Immigration Customs and Enforcement or the border patrol.

Law enforcement has joined forces with the Monterey County Division of the California Highway Patrol to try to combat the gang situation. The gangs intimidate the gang task force units. It is actually that bad there and I hope it never gets that bad here.

The literacy and library card issue originated in 2007. At that time, Anna Caballero, who was mayor of Salinas, put a stranglehold on the community, stating that the gang task force would have to be abandoned and three libraries would have to close because the city was going bankrupt. She told the community that until they could hold an election and another cent applied to sales tax that it would have to take major donations instead.

I do hope that the gang problem in this fine city of Carson will not fester to the point of enacting the National Guard and using the RICO Act to eliminate this problem.

Craig M. Lewis

Carson City

We the people say no to healthcare overhaul bill

When it is said that health care reform "will include millions of additional people and reduce the overall cost," my friends screamed, "That is impossible!"

I, on the other hand, cautioned that they may do just that. Just how is that possible? If you consider that a high percentage of the average person's total health-care costs are incurred in the last year of their lives, and the government controls all expenses including all procedures and drugs to be prescribed, compromises will be made fit the expenses to the care dispensed.

Therefore, I will do all I can to stay healthy, because at my age, all I could possibly expect is a heavy dose of painkillers and a quiet withdraw.

Yes, I want reform, such as purchasing health insurance from out-of-state providers, tort reform, and pooling employees of one small business with others to create a larger pool, thus reducing costs.

There is a tidal wave of energy and anger building against the reforms that include "the government option" and the deaf ear offered to concerned citizens. Our legislators must listen and take heed or surely they will be removed from office.

I see no provision in our Constitution that could possibly be contorted to the point that would allow the law as it is presently written being imposed on we the people. Liberty must be protected at any cost.

Lee Rathbun



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