Letters to the Editor 12/6

Democrats not interested in compromise

I would like to write a few things in rebuttal to Dr. Paslov's recent editorial.

To start with, he indicated an unwillingness of the Republican congressmen to work with the liberal Democrats on their stimulus package already passed and the current health care bill which is before the Senate at this very moment.

It is very obvious to any thinking person, the Democrats are not interested in any Republican suggestions. A case in point is the abortion clause, which was forced out of the House bill, and is again a clause included in the Senate bill.

He mentions the fact our country is in a ruined economy, and we should get behind Obama to fix it. He doesn't bother to mention the fact all the money is being spent on government projects and is doing nothing to encourage people to spend money.

It is quite obvious to any thinking person that we are becoming a socialistic nation where it is thought that the government can spend our money much better than we can. If it continues, we will bankrupt our economy, and those who have tried to do without the luxuries of life while they are young will be unable to enjoy their retirement when they go to spend (their) dollars.

I believe that if the current health bill is passed and implemented, it will bankrupt our economy.

Please vote the bums out in our next election in 2010 and 2012.

Neil Powers

Carson City

Cheney a poor spokesman for Republican party

So, the Republican party looks to Dick Cheney to lead its critique of the Obama administration. If this wasn't so frightening, it'd be comically funny.

Dick Cheney was quoted two years into the Bush administration as saying, "Reagan proved deficits don't matter. All you have to do is let the free market run its course." So, the free market ran its course, the banks defrauded the public of billions of dollars and then sought bankruptcy protection. And when his administration handed off to the Obama administration a deficit of $8 trillion, Cheney immediately stood up on the sidelines and cried, "How dare you worsen the deficit with your stimulus package."

Dick Cheney flunked out of Yale twice on a student draft deferment while avidly promoting the war for the Republican party, but when asked why he didn't serve himself (direct quote here) said, "I had better things to do than serve in Vietnam."

Dick Cheney insisted that we had to go to war with Iraq even though every single piece of intelligence he used to justify the war was later proven false.

Dick Cheney, along with his buddy Don Rumsfeld, wouldn't allow our military to aggressively pursue the war in Afghanistan because it would offend our allies, thus leading to many unnecessary injuries and deaths of American soldiers.

Republicans, we can have healthy debates about the direction we want this country to go, but do you want this chickenhawk political opportunist to speak for you?

John Bower

Carson City

Water, sewer rate hikes hurt Douglas County

The Douglas County Commissioners recently raised our East Valley sewer rates by 29.2 percent and our monthly fixed water charge by 57 percent plus substantial increases in the usage rates.

The basis for these increases is for the operation of the system, i.e. administrative costs.

First, these sewer and water increases suck more than $28,374.48 plus per month from the Douglas County economy and reduce discretionary spending causing lower tax revenues, more unemployment followed by more foreclosures. How does this benefit the county?

Secondly, these increases merely switch the administrative costs from the general fund to the users thereby padding the general fund. Where will that money go? Into more wage increases?

I think all elected officials should be required to attend and pass a course in Economics 100.

Due to this devious action, this is nothing more than a big tax increase. They are doing this for all the various county water and sewer districts which means this is a huge tax increase for Douglas County.

All this makes me think our commissioners are nothing more than a bunch of Democrats.

Stuart L. Posselt


Sen. Reid, we will not forget in 2010

The State of Nevada has lost a senator. Harry Reid doesn't represent the desires of the majority of the people of Nevada. Harry Reid represents Barack Obama. We, as voters, must remember his commitment to party over his commitment to the state of Nevada at the polls in 2010.

I do believe that he feels that the people will forget between now and voting time that he has tossed out medical care for seniors, put Medicare in a troubled position by eliminating the Medicare Advantage plan, left a huge debt for our children and grandchildren, and allowed a political body somewhere else to decide our quality of life. Harry Reid, we will not forget.

The state of Nevada has lost a senator, a potential leader and a potential statesman when Harry Reid became more concerned in pleasing Barack Obama and the Democratic party than he did in listening to the people of the state of Nevada. Barack Obama has gained a puppet for another year and the American people have lost the right of choice.

Congratulations, Mr. Reid, sleeping at night must be an ordeal.

Gary Derks

Washoe Valley

Casino shows heart in feeding needy

Once again after all these years, the Carson Nugget steps up for the needy people of Carson City on Thanksgiving Day. I have lived here for 22 years and the Nugget always feeds the needy on this holiday. Kudos to the only casino in town with this kind of heart.

Martin Snodgrass

Carson City


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