Letters to the editor 12-16

Global warming scare

a complete fraud

Although not surprised, I find it amazing that the Appeal has not had one article on the climate-gate scandal now proving without a doubt that the global warming/climate change scare is a complete fraud. I wonder why:

• A newspaper that purports to represent Northern Nevada wouldn't report this fraud when the proposed Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill would cost the 2nd Congressional district $540 million in gross state product, $649 million in personal income and 5,500 jobs.

• The most powerful senator in America would sponsor this legislation knowing that by 2012 it would cost Nevada $1.4 billion in gross state product, $1.8 billion in personal income and 14,000 jobs.

• Congress would pass legislation to solve a problem that they know isn't a problem while destroying a large percentage of the American economy by 2035.

These figures are the results of different studies conducted by the Heritage Foundation, the Black Congressional Caucus and others. Other studies show a lighter impact, however, a close look at these figures shows they have much in common with the UN's Intergovern-mental Panel for Climate Change figures now laying in the ash heap of lies.

In 1997 the Byrd-Hagel Resolution, which passed 95-0, warned the Clinton administration not to enter into any global warming treaty that leaves out developing nations or hurts the American economy.

As President Obama travels to Copenhagen, I call on Sen. Reid to reaffirm the Byrd-Hagel Resolution and stop this attack on the American economy.

Stephen G. Yeater


Who's left to protect

the folks at home?

I'd like to express my opinion toward Obama sending 30,000 more troops. Honestly, I think that it's ridiculous because soon there's going to be no one here to protect the Americans that are here in the U.S. This whole idea jeopardizes Americans' safety and puts us at risk for more terrorist attacks.

Another reason would be that we're in an economic recession. Our economy is really going downhill, and we're using our money to rebuild another country. Trillions of dollars are going down the drain when we're already $12 trillion in debt. This whole situation is really bogus and this upcoming generation has to deal with it.

Crysta Tankersley

Carson City

Helping hand will

be remembered

I am an older person, late 70s, to be exact. On Monday morning, Dec. 7, I undertook to walk from my home to my workplace - a foolish mistake. There were at least 14 inches of new dry snow, and the side streets had not been plowed. Having walked to work many times in the past on dry streets, I thought I would be able to do it in snow.

I slipped and fell. I was adjacent to Carson Street in front of Kragen Auto Parts. I could not get up. Fortunately, I was wearing a bright red jacket. Two young men were in a pickup truck just turning onto Carson Street heading south and called out, "Are you OK?" When I waved and said, "I think so," they got out of their truck, came over to where I was lying in a snowbank and picked me up and dusted me off. They then offered to take me downtown, which they did.

I shall never forget the kindness of two strangers on a snowy morning. They deposited me carefully in front of my workplace, and drove away. I will probably never see either one of them again, but I hope they will read this letter and know that the crazy old lady who was out walking on a snowy morning appreciates their helpfulness and kindness.

Charlotte Tucker

Carson City


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