Letters to the Editor 12/26

Fruitcake deserves its just desserts

Fruitcake, love it or leave it. It's that time of the year again for fruitcake and the traditional issues surrounding it, well, only one, you either love it or hate it. One thing I could never figure out is why so many people say they hate it, most have never even tried it, at least not a proper fruitcake, like the one we brought back from England recently.

The popular comment is to say they hate it or just remain quiet on the subject. Why? I don't know, a question for the ages, I guess.

Maybe it's like the Twinkie phenomenon - no one admits to liking them but their sales remain way at the top compared to cupcakes, etc. and they both have a long shelf life. However, fruitcake is said to get better with age, like a fine wine.

I happen to be a closet Twinkie fan, even though I haven't had one in years.

Either way, I say we should give fruitcake its just desserts and give it a try, who knows, you may end up loving it.

George Lemos

Carson City

Tax all citizens, not just state workers

I would like to comment on Barbara Adams' letter in the Dec. 11 paper.

I agree that the burden of balancing the state's budget should not be on the backs of the state employees. Contrary to what most people think, corrections (prisons) employees are also taking furlough days, including custody guard supervisors, caseworkers, medical staff and everyone except officers (guards).

The governor says he does not want to tax Nevada citizens, but he doesn't have a problem taxing the state employees, and is considering either another furlough day or pay cuts.

The governor is taking money from the state workers by way of a furlough day. There are many families with both spouses working for the state, which is a tax of almost 10 percent.

I, too, don't mind doing my part, but let's make it fair for everyone, and if there is going to be a tax, then tax all the state of Nevada, not just the state workers.

Shirley Diepen

Carson City

Green cheese and a flat earth

Repeatedly during the debate over health care reform, we are being told Americans have the best health care in the world. Let's take a look.

First, let me state that I am one American who feels he really does have the best health care possible, and that's because 44 years ago, congressional Democrats prevailed over the anguished cries of the opposition party (sound familiar?) and passed the Social Security Act of 1965, creating Medicare, a government-run, single-payer health insurance plan.

Some things to ponder: The per capita cost of health care in the United States is nearly double the average cost in Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which all have universal, government-run health insurance. And yet, we are 29th in infant mortality and a miserable 57th in longevity, behind countries with so-called socialized medicine.

We hear over and over, I don't want the government prescribing my treatment when, in reality, the extent and quality of health care in this country is now being prescribed by insurance executives. Recently, a friend needed back surgery but the procedure was denied due to a pre-existing condition. It took an attorney and a court date to change his insurance company's mind.

The disciples of the gospel according to Sarah Palin will not likely be swayed by any of this. For them, the moon will still be made of green cheese and the earth will still be flat.

Do Americans have the best health care in the world? I guess you can say that, if you add, for those who can afford it.

John O'Neill


Can't wait for 2010, 2012 elections

Nevada senators and congressmen, I urge you to vote no on this health care bill. The citizens have spoken and all national polls show our disgust in the way Congress has handled this. Every poll indicates we the citizens, your employers, want you to stop this legislation and start over from the beginning. We all agree that health care reform is needed, but not in the way Reid and Pelosi are pushing.

Operating behind closed doors like Reid is doing right now is operating like a socialistic government or even worse, the mafia. Operating and dealing with behind-the-scenes payoffs or bribes is not unheard of, but it goes against everything our Constitution decrees.

Whatever happens, we the citizens will get our just rewards on election days in 2010 and 2012. It will be our duty to throw out this unlawful group in the Senate and the House of Representatives. If you go against the people's wishes, then you are going against our Constitution and you will be part of our national 10.2 percent of the unemployed. It will be a good feeling to give you all the boot.

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City


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