Brothel operator begins search

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A brothel company headquartered in Mound House has started shopping for possible locations in Reno.

Prostitution isn't legal in Washoe County, but State Sen. Bob Coffin, a Democrat from Las Vegas, has said he's willing to sponsor hearings on legalization of prostitution in the state's urban areas.

Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch east of Carson City, said last week he's started shopping for hotel properties along the Virginia Street corridor south of downtown Reno.

Hof said he's looking for properties with 40 to 80 rooms with the thought that some of the rooms would be converted into office space. Nearby bar and restaurant operations would be a plus.

He said Moonlite Bunny Ranch expects that it would need to undertake some renovation and remodeling of any property it purchases.

The company won't get serious about its search for property unless the Legislature approves prostitution in urban counties.

Hof said the brothel fielded applications from more than 1,500 women during December but was unable to offer contracts to all of them because of limited space at its Mound House facilities.


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