Letters to the Editor 11/14

I won't forget your vote, Congressman Heller

On Nov. 7, a historic vote was cast for the citizens of this country. As the possibility of affordable health care for all U.S. citizens moved forward, Congressman Dean Heller voted for the insurance companies, not for his constituents, when he voted no.

I will remember when I go to the polls, and will encourage others also to remember how you voted, Congressman Heller. You care more about the insurance and pharmacy companies' interests than you do for those voters who put you in Congress.

Ada Roelke

Carson City

Children's health more important than debt

I cannot believe Rep. Dean Heller is opposed to health care. Even if he doesn't care about us seniors, he should care what happens to the millions of uninsured children. They are our future.

Heller and his ilk say they are so concerned about the debt we are passing along to our children. Would he prefer these children died from lack of proper medical care - in the wealthiest country in the world? Heller should remember - a civilization is judged by how it treats its most helpless.

Obviously Heller doesn't care about the helpless. Wonder what insurance lobbyist is lining his pockets?

Edith Crowe

Carson City

Obama not to blame for H1N1 shot restrictions

In response to Carol Coons' letter of Nov. 6, it amazes me to what lengths some people will go to blame President Obama for all the nation's ills.

In the first place, it was the Center for Disease Control, not President Obama, that determined that people 65 or over (like myself) shall not have first priority to receive the H1N1 flu shot. The reason being that those of us 65 or older were exposed to that strain of flu in years past and have built up an immunity to it. That is the reason that younger people have been more prone to getting the H1N1 flu.

Secondly, the Obama health care plan has not been passed yet. How is it to blame for this decision made by the CDC?

Thirdly, we have been notified both by television and newspapers that people 65 or over are not considered a priority to receive the H1N1 flu shot at this time.

Carmen Jimenez

Carson City

Hear us loud and clear, Congressman Heller

Dean Heller, you need to listen to us here in Nevada. We are so tired of watching our state go down the tubes because you chose not to hear us.

We need this health care to pass. You need you to hear us loud and clear. Stop and hear us. We live in Nevada, not Washington.

Atha Maffei

Carson City


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