Letters to the editor 11-18

Bring our troops home

to protect borders

This latest episode at Fort Hood, Texas, should be enough for President Obama.

I have been a Democrat all of my 86 years on this earth and was very, very proud to serve my country in WWII - 11⁄2 years in Europe on 50 bombing missions in a B-24 Liberator bomber.

All our troops should be removed from everywhere in the world and brought back to guard our loose borders, stopping all illegals.

If Obama won't do that, he should be replaced - now - but no Republicans. So, who can we get? We do not want China representing us, so we all had better start praying.

Robert E. Brandt

Carson City

Address the real problems of health care

The real problems with our health care system are not talked about. It's easier to blame the insurance companies, doctors, lawyers or politicians. What are the overwhelming costs? Most notably they are directly related to alcohol, drugs, obesity and smoking - all things that we control personally.

All these things lead to complications, from liver disease, cancer, diabetes or premature birth. And we all pay. We all pay for the poor choices someone else makes.

We are such a benevolent society that we would rather pay than make the hard choices. I'm no different than you. If someone in my family needed exorbitant amounts of medical treatment I would spend all my money and yours.

Just last week there was a great example in the paper that was actually about bankruptcy. The family had insurance, but their portion of the $5 million spent trying to save their child was overwhelming. One 4-year-old child, $5 million later, and who helps the family?

That's who we are today as a society. We will spend whatever it takes to bring an infant to birth or add a year to someone's life. So the changes that need to be made are not as evident as you may think.

I don't think any of the plans in Congress address the real cost or acknowledge the real problems. They are all feel-good plans that make us think we will be taken care of while someone else pays.

Walt Owens

Carson City

Support local business, not carpetbaggers

We need stable, established business in Carson City. I have enjoyed all the benefits that Third Street had to offer because of Mom and Pop's Diner.

What is it with the (redevelopment) board members? Let's be proactive and quit supporting out-of-towners and people who really don't care about the locals, and support locals who do care about their community.

Support our community! Open the doors of Paradise Cove.

Barbara Andrade

Carson City


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