New things happening at Mo & Sluggoa€™s

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

After his kitchen was closed for almost nine months, Mo & Sluggoa€™s owner Morey Tresnit jumped back into the food business in a big way, serving more people at one time than at any other point in the bar and grilla€™s 13-year history.

The event was the Carson High School football kickoff party on Aug. 15, and with 220 hungry guests celebrating on Curry Street, it was a trial by fire for Tresnita€™s new kitchen crew.

a€œIt was a very nerve-wracking experience because we didna€™t have the restaurant open inside yet,a€ Tresnit said. a€œThere were some sleepless nights, but we were able to pull it off thanks to a very competent kitchen staff.a€

For 12 years, Mo & Sluggoa€™s was the home of Juana€™s Kitchen, whose food drew crowds during the day and evening. But Juan Salazar moved to the Horseshoe Club, and Tresnit had been working ever since to get the kitchen running again. The kitchena€™s first full day of operation was Aug. 18.

a€œWe have hired three excellent chefs, and they have quite a bit of experience between them,a€ Tresnit said. a€œWe felt ... it might be time to change the menu up.a€

The menu features more burgers and sandwiches, such as Philly cheesesteak and hot pastrami, and not as much Mexican food.

The kitchena€™s hours have also been extended to 10 p.m. to better serve the public because Tresnit said other eateries in the area close


Tresnit is planning to do some improvements to the inside of the bar as well.

a€œA lot of the places downtown have upgraded and improved their properties, they have spent a lot of money,a€ Tresnit said. a€œWe are in the process here of doing a remodel to stay a little bit more current with what is going on, and keep in tune with the theme of downtown.a€

Downtown has changed during the past 13 years, according to Tresnit, with a lot of different businesses in the area.

a€œI think the downtown has come a long way, and the merchants are trying to work together on things like the wine walk and beer crawl,a€ which bring more energy and enthusiasm downtown, he said.

Tresnit said the bar gets a nice cross section of clientele, from governors to construction workers to lawyers to state employees.

a€œI love Carson City and the people I encounter,a€ he said. a€œI was raised in Carson City, and I still really love Carson City; love having the capitol here and the people that come in for the Legislature and the folks from the other parts of the state that stop in.a€

The audience for the bar has changed since it opened in 1996, according to Tresnit.

a€œWe used to cater the young folks on the weekends,a€ he said. a€œBut now we are a little bit older, so our market is more 35 and up now.a€

They still offer karaoke on Saturday nights, and live music booked to fit the events like class reunions and birthday parties.

They are also ramping up for their big Rockina€™ the Square event on Saturday, featuring the band Mumbo Gumbo, that they are hosting in conjunction with Doppelgangers, Carson Cigar Company and Ba€™Sghettia€™s.

a€œWe have been very lucky, and we feel very fortunate to be in Carson City,a€ Tresnit said. a€œHopefully the next 13 years will go as good as the last 13 have.a€


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