Cheers and Kudos 9-27

Animal welfare groups send thanks for donations

Carson/Eagle Valley Humane Society and the Nevada Animal Foundation of Carson City wish to thank the Estate of Dorothy Scott Warren for its generous donation to our animal welfare efforts. It is very much appreciated.

CEVHS is an unsheltered, nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501c3 organization established in 1989.

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City

Thanks to the many who helped with renovations

The students, families and staff of St. Teresa of Avila Child Development Center wish to thank the various businesses and volunteers who worked very hard to renovate the Convent for the Daughters of Charity, which now houses the preschool, pre-kindergarten and daycare programs. We extend our sincerest gratitude to the following businesses:

Builders Shaheen/Beauchamp, Creekside Electric, Rick's Flooring, Tahoe Fence, It's Educational, Capital Glass, Western NV Supply, Jim's Plumbing, Petersen Plumbing, All American Heating and Air Conditioning, Palmer Engineering Group and Southwest Gas Corp.

The following individuals donated countless hours of work in preparing the Center:

Curtis Howell, Melvin Salguero, Christina Lawson, Lisa Cavilia, Michelle Kelly, Matt Allen, the Reviglio family, Brian and Mary Ann Andrews, Gary Cain, Steve Warner, Dale Harmer, Tony Warne and family, Denise DiMarzo, Ruthann and Buzz Wagner, Mary Alice Murdock, Cassie Dodge, Jeff Dodge, Chloe Dodge, Dr. Muscari, Dr. Shonnard, Dr. and MJ Jones, Terri Domitrovich, Tina Schilling, Mary Kay Kinne, the Larkin family, Jimmy Oliveria, Greg Petersen, Jerry and Jeanette Mellow, Tom and Martha Keating, Cecilia Brooks, Brenda Kurges, Bonnie Hubert, Terry Hubert, Tully Hubert, Kayla and Abby Hubert, Father Chuck Durante, Chris and Fred Perdomo, John Sullivan, Denis Yeskie, Ellen and Bob Miller, Jim and Jennifer Andrews, Mark Beauchamp, Andre DeLeon, Jenny Cochran, Sonia Taggert, Heather Thomas, Dee Frewert, the Knights of Columbus, St. Teresa of Avila School and Parish Boards, the students of St. Teresa Catholic School and the parish members.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all who helped bring the dream of a child development center into a reality.

Jan Sullivan, Director

Carson City

Life saved by dedicated staff at CTMC

Words cannot express the deepest gratitude that I have for the Carson Tahoe Medical Center EMT and ER staff on duty Aug. 14 around 7 p.m. There were five EMT staff that arrived at my home in less than 15 minutes of our call to literally save my boyfriend's life.

Please forgive me - I did not get your names - you deserve the highest honor that this town can give to you. Without the supreme experience and quick thinking of Dr. Jack and Steve in the ER, I am certain Dan would not be alive today. With tears in my eyes, thank you.

Meiling Wong, an ICU nurse there, needs to be nominated for Time magazine's woman of the year. Meiling, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here and saving Dan's life.

Dr. Vijay Maiya is one of only two doctors in this process that has given us hope. Kindness does matter when it comes to talking with patients who are looking in your eyes for hope. Dr. Maiya, thank you.

Without the above mentioned staff and those at the hospital who truly care, Dan would not be alive today. We are not going to give up.

We want to thank those people out there who believe in miracles and want to take that extra time to care. These are the people who make the difference in the world. Never give up.

Melisa Maxey

Carson City


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