Downtown continues successful street activities

Although the economy has all of us on thin ice, this winter is set to heat up for a second year in a row with a main street ice rink. Designed as a signature entertainment experience to draw locals and visitors to downtown Carson City, the Arlington Square Ice Rink is a recreational offering with a business boost.

Located in the Nugget's main street parking lot between Cactus Jacks and the Nevada State Museum, and named for the historic Arlington Hotel that once occupied the space, the civic and entertainment anchor experience will extend downtown Carson City's customer hours, create an increase in foot traffic to bridge winter's low season to next summer's high season; and continue the success of this summer's 2009 Get Down Curry Street Promenade project - which has brought, to date, an estimated 130,000 people to the area since this past June 3. The Downtown Saturday morning farmers market (still open by the way, until Oct. 4), outdoor concerts and family pop-up park have infused the downtown with summertime buzz.

"Last year Carson City citizens, businesses and property owners enjoyed for the first time ever, a lively wintertime downtown from Dec. 4 through Feb. 16. People out and about in the heart of the community created a lot of positive energy that radiated throughout the town, and this was a primary goal of the Arlington Square Ice Rink. It worked just like the summer-time activities did," said Supervisor and Redevelopment Authority Chairwoman Robin Williamson. "Especially in today's economy, continuing that momentum has never been more important."

The 2009 - 2010 season begins Nov. 25 and runs through Jan. 17, opening this year before Thanksgiving. Like last year, the rink will be open seven days a week. In a joint effort between the Carson City Parks and Recreation Department (charged with rink set up, operations and strike) and the Office of Business Development (charged with getting the word out), we are stronger than ever to offer a lovely wintertime recreation activity and link it to business and community-based partners through sponsorship and cross-promotions.

Sponsorship opportunities are available and welcome to businesses downtown and throughout town, as well as to Carson City's civic partners. Participation in a highly synergistic cross promotional campaign will also allow individual businesses or organizations to customize details each week throughout the eight-week season.

Packages that position partners in print, on the Web, with public announcements at the rink, and on signs at the rink are available. An anticipated 11,000 skaters and 10,000-more spectators will spend time in the wintertime venue in a condensed eight-week-long season.

The unrivaled partnering opportunity, at the time of year when exposure is most easily turned into sales, is currently available. Lead time is necessary and many packages require reservations no later than Nov. 2. Some opportunities are limited and will be filled first-come, first-served. Details are available on-line at or call 887-2101x3.

Together, the whole town can work to continue to pave the way for a richer, more dynamic, pedestrian friendly, locals-loved downtown Carson City.

• Tammy Westergard is deputy manager of the Carson City Office of Business Development. Send questions and feedback to


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