Letters to the editor 9-27

Will drug coverage help be there when I need it?

When I was young, my father told me that the people you try to help will be the first to turn against you. President Obama was elected because he promised change. When he tries to make changes, something that has been attempted since the '40s - health care reform, tens of thousands of people march against him.

Perhaps if these same people had marched against some of the policies of his predecessor, we would not need so many changes to our current policies. President Bush was a Christian, a non-drinker, non-smoker, never cheated on his wife, went to church on a regular basis yet he managed to put our country in a downward spiral.

Not everyone needs health care coverage, some are even fortunate enough to be able to pay for it and some of us cannot afford it but cannot do without it.

Yesterday I received an offer from Medicare to subsidize my expensive prescriptions. Unfortunately I could not accept because I am using a small inheritance to pay for health care. Basically I have too much money coming in for the next 60 months to qualify. When my inheritance runs out, I won't be able to pay for these prescriptions and/or medical insurance. I sure hope that offer comes up again in five years when the money is gone.

If President Obama's health care plan is defeated, I may have to choose between taking my medications and eating.

Jeanne Larson


Reader worries about

global warming rhetoric

While the "Anointed One," Barack Obama, blabs on about global warming to the crowd at the United Nations this week, his friends from Europe are obviously laughing the whole time.

Harry Reid says "Coal will kill you!" While Harry and Barack are blowing off steam Europe is building 50 new coal powered plants in the next five years. I guess they don't care if they kill off their population. Not to worry, though. Nevada, according to Reid and John Ensign, is going to be exporting electricity because of all of the solar and wind and geothermal power we are going to be generating. I can guarantee you they will both be in their graves long before that ever happens.

The Europeans have wised up to global warming hoax and are acting accordingly. The planet's temperature has been static or dropping for the last 10 years.

In the '70s the same alarmists said we were headed for global cooling. Al Gore and his cronies are in it for the money. He is the biggest hypocrite of them all. You folks with school kids should not let our failing public school system brainwash your kid on this subject.

If Obama, Reid, Gore and the rest of the liars get their way, the same thing will happen here that did in Italy. Their energy bills went up 191 percent in recent years. Don't let these phony liberal politicians have their way.

Norv Azevedo


Neighborhood ruined by big box store

An open letter to this community and the homeowners of Northridge Drive and environs:

Recently we saw the arrest of a three-time convicted DUI felon driving recklessly past our homes and leaping through our back yards. We thank Mr. Furlong's (sheriff's) department for the arrest.

Also this past week, a Northridge resident was beaten and robbed of his wallet whilst taking a stroll on the Northridge walkway. Were it not for the presence of a well-equipped passerby, the beating would have been worse.

One thing is clear, however, that the proximity of Walmart and the escalating crime in the midst of our homes is no coincidence.

Furthermore, the siting of this Walmart and the accompanying crime, speeding and all-night noise has stretched an already thin sheriff's department by mandating heightened patrol levels in an area where none was previously needed.

Clearly, our city's race with other counties (for retail dollars) has cost us a lot and ruined homes.

The real issue for Northridge homeowners - who have had their neighborhood ruined - and the community as a whole is whether this particular Walmart deserves business failure. This Walmart is a bona fide atrocity and deserves nothing less.

So, before you shop there, imagine this (store) shoe-horned up against your homes. I'm confident enlightened Carsonites will do the right thing.

Gene Robinson

Carson City


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