Man jailed in purse thefts, burglaries

A Dayton man jailed last week in a residential burglary is suspected of several other burglaries that spanned four months.

Thomas C. Jeffreys, 22, was additionally booked into the Carson City Jail on Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of nine counts of burglary.

According to the arrest report, police first contacted Jeffreys on Aug. 20 allegedly hiding in a back room at a Curry Street antique shop. A cab driver who dropped him off there called police after she believed he matched the description of the bandit who had just robbed the Mutual of Omaha bank.

While police quickly ruled out Jeffreys as the bank robber, he was jailed on suspicion of breaking into a home on Sharon Drive hours earlier. Officers allegedly found him in possession of some of the stolen items.

The bank robber is still at large.

According to Detective Dave Le Gros, Jeffreys has since been connected to the following cases prompting the new charges:

• Theft of an employee's wallet from the Wedding Emporium at the Carson Mall on May 13.

• Theft of an employee's purse at the Bead Store on Highway 50 East on May 15.

• Theft of a purse from a vehicle parked on Harvard Drive on June 1.

• Theft of an employee's purse at Sierra Acupuncture on North Division Street on June 7.

• Theft of an employee's purse from Ami's Beauty Salon on Highway 50 East on June 8.

• Residential burglary in the 4200 block of Sherman Lane on July 1.

• Theft of a purse from an employee at the Public Utilities Commission on East William Street on Aug. 18.

• Theft of a purse from the CVS Pharmacy on Highway 50 East in July.

The arrest report states several victims identified Jeffreys, who has the numbers "775" tattooed on his face, as being in the businesses just before the thefts were discovered.

He is being held on $25,000 bail.


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