Assistant Storey County DA to run for office

Storey County's deputy district attorney announced she intends to run for election as district attorney.

Laura Grant has been with Storey County since November 2007. Before her appointment there, she was the Eastline justice of the peace in Elko County for four years and a deputy district attorney for Elko County for seven years.

"I believe that a good prosecutor has a well-rounded background in the law and an understanding of the various hats worn in a court," Grant said in a press release.

Since coming onboard with Storey County, Grant has was instrumental in fully automating the case management processes for the District Attorney's Office in a cost-effective way, she said. Grant said her bachelors degree in computer science helped her to streamline processes while ensuring all court employees are able to access the information they need to do their jobs.

Grant is a 1992 graduate of California Western School of Law in San Diego. She was admitted to the Nevada State Bar the same year.

"It is important to the county that it retains the experienced legal counsel it enjoys as well as my continuing dedication to prosecuting the many, and various, criminal cases with consistency and a devotion to the cause of justice," she said.

District Attorney Harold Swafford said he intends to retire.


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