Cops: Seven businesses served booze to decoy

Seven Carson City businesses were cited recently for serving alcohol to minors during an undercover operation, an official said Wednesday.

According to Carson City Sheriff's Sgt. Scott McDaniel, two deputies and an underage decoy visited 30 Carson City businesses on Monday that serve alcohol. The decoy then attempted to purchase alcohol using his real identification if asked.

Servers at the following locations served the decoy alcohol, said McDaniel: Ormsby Club Bar, 600 S. Curry St.; Dotty's Casino, 3771 S. Carson St.; Rand Convenience Store, 1800 Highway 50 E.; Arco, 4190 S. Carson St.; Casino Fandango, 3800 S. Carson St.; Bodines, 5650 S. Carson St.; Chevron, 1102 N. Carson St.

Each server was given a $632 citation and must attend free server training offered by the Sheriff's Office, said McDaniel. For the business, a $100 fine was levied on the first violation. A second violation carries a $500 fine and a third violation carries at $1,500 fine with the business owner having to appear before the Liquor Board for possible revocation of their liquor license.

The operation was paid for by a grant from the Nevada Juvenile Programs Justice Office.


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