Get Fit: Making fitness fun

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

With more than 60 years experience teaching exercise classes between the two of them, Patti Briggs and Terri Snyder find joy in fitness.

But they know not everyone feels the same.

"Not very many people love to do this," said Snyder. "They do it because they have to. We want to make it fun for them."

So, they're shaking things up a bit.

Having taught classes ranging from yoga to kickboxing and pilates to strength training at locations throughout town, they are now combining all the disciplines for a four-week boot camp being offered at the Carson City Community Center.

The two moved to the community center in February and are joining with Joy Keith to start two Got Fit boot camp sessions beginning in June.

"We want to help people find their fitness niche," Briggs said. "We're not all runners. Maybe some people like to dance or play tennis or kickboxing. We're hoping to help people find a niche that fits into their lifestyle."

Both Got Fit programs begin June 7 with a fitness analysis, which includes weight and body fat calculations as well as stamina, strength and flexibility tests.

One program will be five days a week at 5:30 a.m. and will be open to men and women. A women-only class will be held four days a week at 9 a.m.

Both sessions will conclude after four weeks with a repeat of the fitness analysis conducted on the first day.

"In four weeks, there should be a difference if you do what you're supposed to do," Snyder said.

The person who improves the most, she said, will be offered a discount to the next session.

Throughout the course of the Got Fit Boot Camp, participants will also have consultations with registered dietitian Michele Cowee.

"That part of it is priceless in my opinion," Briggs said.

"There's so many things out there people just want to take a pill for," Snyder said. "If they just ate right, they wouldn't have to do that."

They said over the years they have worked closely with other professionals in the community, referring patients to nutritionists for better eating habits. Physicians and physical therapists also refer patients to them for sound workout advice.

"We've worked hard the last 30 years to get a good reputation," Briggs said.

Snyder and Briggs will continue to teach their regular classes as well. This being their first boot camp, they said, they are open to changes along the way.

"It's our first one, so we may have to tweak it," Snyder said. "But in the long run, I think it's going to be fantastic. We want to make sure people know you can go to the community center and get a real bang for your buck."


For more information or to register for the Got Fit Boot Camp, go to or call (775) 721-9987. Pre-registration is recommended.

The five-day-a-week program is $159 and the four-day-a-week program is $99.

Other classes offered by Patti Briggs and Terri Snyder for a $5 drop-in fee:

Get Pumped

5:45 a.m. Mondays and Fridays

A high repetition strength class, designed to sculpt, tone and strengthen the entire body.

Power Yoga

12:05 p.m. Wednesdays and Fridays

This yoga class is intense and powerful. Various yoga poses will be linked together with powerful athletic movements and held for several breaths to intensify and improve stamina, balance and strength.


5:45 a.m. Wednesdays and 12:05 p.m. Thursdays

Periodized High Intensity Training. A "results oriented" cross training workout involving all aspects of fitness: strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance and core stability. This cross training workout will focus on one or more of these aspects and will be different in every class.

Vinyasa Yoga

10:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays

This class will combine yoga poses or "asanas" together in a flowing pattern. The poses will be breath initiated. Increased flexibility, improved balance and strength will be the benefits of this class. Different variations will be explained in an effort to accommodate a variety of fitness levels.

Cardio Bootcamp

4 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays

This class is an all-cardio class packed with heart pumping activity. Anything that gets your heart rate up is subject to being utilized in this class.

For more information, call Snyder at 721-9987 or Briggs at 721-6182, or go online at


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