Woman jailed in fleecing of disabled grandmother

A Carson City woman was jailed Wednesday, accused of abusing control over her disabled grandmother and spending the woman's savings.

Leza L. Bulman, 37, a gas station employee, was booked into the Carson City Jail on suspicion of felony exploitation of an older person and felony embezzlement against a person over 60.

According to the arrest report, in 2008 Bulman was awarded guardianship of her grandmother Yvonne Crow, 84, described as having "cognitive impairments and ... unable to independently meet her current care needs."

At that time, Crow had more than $300,000 in the bank, the report states.

When the nursing home where Crow was staying reported payments weren't being made on Crow's account, Aging Services became involved, and then investigators.

The investigation allegedly revealed Bulman was using her grandmother's money to pay rent, her sister's rent, phone and auto repair bills and was loaning out money.

According to the report, when the investigation was opened in May, Crow's account had a zero balance and Bulman was allegedly trying to sell her grandmother's property in Palm Springs, Calif.

Bulman denied taking the money, telling investigators her grandmother gave her permission.

Bail is set at $3,000.


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