Letters to the editor July 2

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When will we finally connect the dots?

Is it complete unfiltered capitalism or total communism? Our country wasn't built like that. We had a combination of both. It's why we had a Boston Tea Party in the first place - to prevent a monopoly from the East India Company being our only source of tea, via a royal command from England.

When Reagan left office, he had the lowest approval rating, even lower than Carter or Nixon. So why, all of a sudden, this ideology of Reagan? When Reagan took office, we were the No. 1 creditor, No. 1 exporter of manufacturing goods and the No. 1 importer of raw material in the world.

We had decades of stability and a solid middle class, thanks to the regulations we had in place, such as, The Banking Act of 1933, the Glass-Steagall Act, and the Sherman Antitrust Act, too big to fail, enforced by Teddy Roosvelt, known as the trust buster.

The dismantling of these two by Reagan, and the creation of the 1999 Graham, Leach, Bliley Commodities Future Modernization Act, is what allowed Wall Street and the Federal Reserve to play Russian roulette with our country, lives and stability.

Today, 400 American individuals are sitting on $40 trillion of our gross national product. These are the people who should give back what they have stolen through tax breaks and loopholes legally accumulated over the decades via campaign contributions.

When are ordinary Republicans, Democrats and Tea Party citizens going to connect the dots?

Anneliese Puthe

Carson City

Victim has warning for other victims

In 1978, I was abducted and raped by an escaped prisoner from the maximum security prison when it was on Fifth street. The person who did this to me was serving a life sentence for the same crime at the time of his escape. He received another life sentence with the possibility of parole for the crime against me.

He was paroled in 1996 - I found this out just last week. I have been making phone calls to all the state agencies involved because I wanted to know why I was never informed of his parole hearing and his release.

I have been told that if a victim wants to know these things, the victim needs to fill out a request to be notified of any hearings or release from the institution. I was 17 years old when this happened. No one told me this. My parents are very responsible, loving parents. No one told my parents that that would be the process.

My parents are now re-living the horrors they went through back then. My purpose of this letter is to get it out there. If you are a victim, it is up to you to request notificationof parole hearings and release intentions.

Rosanne Hoff

Carson City

Everyone should familiarize themselves with Agenda 21

Agenda 21 is a 40-chapter document that came from the 1992 UN Rio conference known as the Earth Summit that uses environmental controls to rule the world. The focus is sustainable development and how the human population will live or die in the 21st century.

It calls for a 90 percent reduction in the population. The mysterious Georgia Guidestones recommends limiting human population to 500 million. Some will be eliminated by malnutrition using a plan for controlling food, agriculture and medicine called Codex Alimentarius, some by diseases induced by forced vaccinations with tainted vaccines, some by war. The Apocalypse horsemen will ride at full gallop.

Twenty-five percent of the land will be wilderness with no humans surrounded by a buffer zone where a limited number of humans may enter and engage in allowed activities. National sovereignty will be surrendered to a global government ruled by super-rich elites. Agreements made at Waco Texas in 2005 will merge Mexico, Canada, and U.S. into the North American Union.

Private property will be abolished and private transportation replaced with public transportation. Those still alive will live like prisoners in constricted cities. The family will be restructured. Parents will provide children to be trained by government. There is much, much more to the program.

If anyone is interested in how their death has been planned or their lifestyle altered, they can Google Agenda 21, sustainable development, Codex Alimentarius, Earth Summit and Georgia Guidestones. These will lead to several websites and videos.

Alan C. Edwards

Carson City


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