Letters to the editor July 14

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Millions support what the

Republicans are doing to fight debt

"Aren't you just sick of watching the Republicans moan about the national debt, yet do everything possible to make sure the very wealthy corporations and CEOs make no shared sacrifice, even a little bit, all the while dismantling the safety nets of the middle class? I know I am."

Melanie Meehan-Crossley, without their processes, America would have ceased decades ago when FDR and Wilson, all Socialists, were in power.

You - lady, man, or log - need to wake up and smell the roses. The raping of the so-called wealthy will in all likelihood establish 1 percent of what is needed, if all of their wealth is seized.

This is all the fault of Socialists like you - going back to the early 1900s. Thankfully, in the midst of those decades, we had a one-in-a-million decent president, known as Reagan; unlike Socialistic Clinton, FDR, Wilson, etc., and of course, ones like you.

As a middle class, I and millions like me, are perfectly happy with what the Republicans try to accomplish, all for our and your benefit.

Chuck Timmerman


Enforce current bike laws

before implementing more

So we have yet another law that is going to protect bicyclists? Well, first we need to enforce the current laws that we have.

If bicyclists are entitled to the road and can use a lane, then first that needs to be enforced. In the last 24 hours in the Carson area, I found six of these bicyclists riding any way they pleased. If I were to drive my vehicle like they ride their bicycles, I would find myself either in jail or in Lakes Crossing.

Second, if bicyclists are entitled to use the road, then they, like motorcyclists and motorists, need to pay. Let's license bicycles just like motorcycles, and the money can be used for bike paths and widening streets. Make bicycle riders attend classes for education on how to ride. Motorcyclists and other drivers go through this, so why should bicycle riders be exempt if they are entitled to the road?

I was taught that a bike was to be ridden on the right side of the road, with traffic but on the shoulder, and that you always walk your bike across streets.

Now they can be ridden in a travel lane where a car is traveling faster. You don't think this is going to cause any problems?

Try heading south on Curry Street when it curves above the railroad museum - even at 20 mph coming around the curve - and find a bicycle just wandering down the middle of the road, and see what happens.

Mark Andreasen



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