Letters to the editor July 27

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Annual kids fishing

derby a success

Once again, with the help of the Ormsby Sportsmen Association along with some local folks and businesses, we had a good collection of donations for the annual Kid's Fishing Derby. We collected enough for 26 new spinning reel and rod combos, one complete fishing kit combo (rod, reel, tackle), new tackle and 23 reconditioned rod and reels all with new line and ready to go.

The new gear will be give away as prizes with the rest being used as loaner gear for those who have none.

During the past few years we have given a total of 218 new rod and reels, 16 fishing kit combos, eight tackle boxes, 115 reconditioned rod and reels (all with new line) and lots of new tackle.

I would like to thank Terry at the Blue Bull, Ed of Ed's Doghouse, Forrest and Cheryl at Goodi's Lemonade, Lavita at the New Washoe Bar, Dayna at North Carson Walmart, and the folks at the Peppermill Casino for helping to make it all possible.

As in the past I am starting to collect for next year: Any new, used, broken, unwanted fishing gear or cash will be used for the 23rd annual Kid's Fishing Derby.

I thank all of you again.

Roy Huett

Ormsby Sportsmen Association

Problems are not solved with more money, resources

As I read Dr. Paslov's commentaries, I am convinced some people are just in denial about the concepts of limited resources and freedom and how they are intertwined to the health of individuals, families, businesses and governments.

In the real world, you recognize the limit of your resources and make priorities, trade-offs and sacrifices, but in the abstract and supposedly intellectual world of Dr. Paslov, the idea of limited of resources and freedom gets in the way of their beloved need for complexity - complexity fed by dishonest intellectual activity that avoids, whenever possible, consideration of the concepts of priorities, trade-offs and, least of all, sacrifice.

The current demand for rights and benefits cannot be met even by a wealthy country like the United States because there are not enough taxable resources to meet these demands. You cannot continue to expand the circle of entitlements without seriously impairing the freedom and health of families, religion, education, business and government.

When you argue about limited resources, those like Dr. Paslov will falsely accuse you of being a greedy hater and hue and cry about your lack of humanity. They do this because the concept of limited resources exposes just how ineffective their ideas of compassion and humanity are and consequently threatens their power.

The truth is that very few of humanity's problems are solved with more money or government programs.

History, especially the last 50-80 years of American history, bears this out, but don't tell that Dr. Paslov.

Dale Hansen

Carson City

Authority figures ignore what is said at wild horse public hearings

I am a long-time wild-horse advocate and rescuer and a Northern Nevada resident since 1970.

At the Reno hearing July 20 regarding the Triple B wild horse captures by the Bureau of Land Management and the public-lands livestock corporations in the eastern Elko area, Judge Howard McKibben kept stating that advocates for wild horses and burros did not appeal things like Appropriate Management Levels when they were implemented, etc.

In my opinion, the judge - who, like other politically appointed judges, is likely in the pockets of the BLM and the ranchers after being a judge in Reno for more than 30 years - doesn't know that yes, appeals through public comments by the WHB advocates were submitted, but as usual, they were ignored by BLM - just like the annual laughable helicopter (roundup) hearings.

Thank you, but it's all ignored. Public hearings and comments regarding America's wild horses and burros are a big joke, Mr. McKibben.

I urge you to attend the entire yahoo cowboy captures of these wild ones. Then tell me that you care about the welfare and protection of America's wild horses and burros.

Betty Kelly

Carson City


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