Nevada governor vetoes redistricting

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval vetoed a redistricting bill Saturday that was zipped through the Legislature by Democratic lawmakers, accusing the majority party of seeking political gain and violating the Voting Rights Act.

"This plan ensures partisan opportunity rather than fair representation of all Nevadans," the Republican governor said in a two-page veto message. "Partisan gerrymandering is not legal, equitable or acceptable."

Democratic leadership was swift to fire back, calling the governor's veto "an overt act of partisanship designed to appease his Republican base."

Democrats hold slim majorities in both the Assembly and Senate but lack the votes necessary to override Sandoval's veto.

The political bickering, however, is unlikely to be resolved in the halls of the Legislature.

Three lawsuits - two in state court and one in federal court - have already been filed claiming lawmakers of either party are incapable of redrawing voting districts fairly.


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