O.J. Simpson appeal rejected again

The Nevada Supreme Court has issued what should be the final state court order denying O.J. Simpson's bid to overturn his kidnapping and robbery convictions.

The one page order denying reconsideration of the appeal was signed by all seven members of the high court. Simpson's lawyers petitioned the high court to have all members of the court look at the appeal in hopes they would overturn its rejection by a three judge panel of the court.

"Upon reconsideration, the entire court should reverse the judgment of conviction on (the kidnapping) counts, declare as a matter of law that the kidnapping charges were not sustainable under any favorable view of the evidence to the prosecution and set aside the kidnapping counts, essentially dismissing them," the petition states.

The former football star was convicted in November 2008 of armed robbery and kidnapping during a failed attempt to recover what he said were sports memorabilia belonging to him from two collectors. The incident occurred in a Las Vegas hotel.

He is currently serving sentences that will keep him behind bars at least nine years at the Lovelock State Prison north of Reno.


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