Letters to the editor for May 28

RSVP does reach into Douglas County

The letter to the editor from Andrea Rajeski of Minden says the Appeal erred in stating that RSVP serves Douglas County seniors. Wrong.

She says that if RSVP comes into Douglas County, it is only by error. Wrong again.

In 2005, when RSVP could not get Douglas County funding to help offset costs for a multitude of programs, it left Douglas County. Douglas County then formed Active Volunteers in Douglas County, which apparently helps some seniors, although according to DC Senior Advocate Paul Lockwood, it has never even come close to what RSVP provided.

RSVP has grants that include Douglas County so that RSVP still provides service for some Lifeline subscribers and provides respite care to caregivers providing 24/7 care to a loved one.

In reviewing AVID's multi-year report (2005-2010), I see that they get grants for 96 percent of their $22,645 budget for senior services and Douglas County pays 3 percent of that. Expenses are for an annual picnic, website services, postage and lapel pins.

Yes, our phones ring constantly for services we used to provide Douglas County seniors, but we can no longer do so as they have their own volunteer program by choice.

I would like to commend and express appreciation to Andrea Rajeski for her volunteer work to assist Douglas County seniors with transportation. It is very important. Good Luck Andrea and God Bless.

Janice R. Ayres

executive director and CEO

Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Program

Bicycle & pedestrian conference a success

Dear Director Susan Martinovich,

On May 23 I attended a bicycle board meeting, and then the 2011 Northern Nevada Bicycle & Pedestrian Conference the next day. There are two points I would like to make in this letter - the first is that I am proud to be a member of the Bicycle Advisory Board and the work that they do for the State of Nevada. That board is a great group of people who devote a lot of time and energy into improving the quality of life for our citizens. The second point that I would like to make is that the 2011 Northern Nevada Bicycle & Pedestrian Conference was a great success and well-attended.

It is only with the hard work of Nevada Department of Transportation staff and management that the board meetings and related events are as successful as they are. You should be proud of your organization and the members who work so diligently for our communities. I realize that there are too many to thank individually, but those who are associated with the bicycle board deserve special recognition.

The conference brought together numerous groups of bicycle enthusiasts and advocates. The presentations were topical and relevant, but most of all, the enthusiasm was at an all-time high. Once again, thank you for providing the resources and personnel to help accomplish what we do.

Dennis W. Stark


Without the arts, there is not good future


Please reject the false economics of those who would dismantle government and our collective social efforts. Please stand up for civilization, including funding for the arts, the schools, the libraries and museums. There is no good future, no economic growth, no advancement by individuals, no shared dreams without these things.

We are not cowboy gunfighters living in a wilderness, every man for himself. We are citizens working together. Please expand the venues where we gather with goals and teamwork.

In particular, the arts allow us to share dreams - and sometimes nightmares - so that we may articulate the unseen. The arts lie at the core of education, entrepreneurship and imagination.

Please cast aside the oligarchy of self-appointed insiders who would reduce us to minimum wage employment, violence and tribal identity. Our culture depends on your actions.

Chris Bayer

Carson City


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