Letters to the editor Nov. 2

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Please return Halloween decorations

On Oct. 15, our life-sized skeleton and our neighbor's life-sized witch were stolen from our yards.

The next morning a Carson City deputy advised me that they were tossed in the middle of Ormsby Drive near the intersection of Ormsby and King streets. He set them to the side of Ormsby Drive, so I drove immediately there to retrieve them, only to find that someone had already picked them up.

If you were that person, I would appreciate it if you contact me at 775-220-0331 and I will make arrangements to pick them up. Thank you.

Candace Castiglione

Carson City

IHOP reopening has reader's support

There is no doubt that what happened at IHOP was a tragic incident that will forever scar this community, but I am absolutely appalled by those few who disapprove of IHOP's decision to reopen in the same location, and their total disrespect to not only IHOP, but our community as a whole.

This was not an easy decision for IHOP to make, as they had to take the victims, families, staff, community and their business all into consideration.

IHOP, your decision to reopen in the same location was the right choice, and there are many who feel that way.

What IHOP needs is support, not criticism, to get back on their feet and move on as a business in our community.

For those of you who have given that needed support, I applaud you. For those of you who oppose and publicly criticize them, shame on you.

For whatever concerns you have, if it really bothers you that much, the simple solution is to not eat there, period.

But to say the community as a whole won't support their reopening is generalizing everybody in your personal opinion, which is just selfish.

Do us all a favor, and keep your opinions to yourselves until they open and just drive by the restaurant opening day.

The full parking lot will speak for the community.

IHOP, be well-staffed on opening day, because I guarantee you will be busy, including myself and my entire family, to show our support.

James Farnsworth

Washoe Valley‚Ā°


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