Letters to the editor Nov. 23

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Kids should be in church not playing soccer Sunday

Several Sundays these last few years, I have passed Mills Park and seen many young people playing soccer. It seems to me many families are impacted by children playing Sunday mornings.

Why can't these adults who coach these teams allow the children to do so on Saturday or late Sunday afternoons to allow families to have their children in church with their parents?

In a society which has taken God out of school and public places, couldn't we give these youngsters every opportunity to worship with their families? We complain about today's youth, and then take away their chances of gaining an education of what is good.

I love sports, and it's a pleasure to see young people doing things that let them strengthen their bodies. Should we not also help them to learn that which defines goodness, kindness and love, and strengthen their minds?

Dave Ramer

Carson City

Democrats during Bush's presidency screwed up economy

Let's get one thing straight: The previous administration was not the one that screwed up our economy.

The housing price bubble that burst during the second Bush administration was caused by Democrats who were in charge of banks' backing bad loans. Decades of political mismanagement set the stage for the collapse of the entire housing industry, which shed more than 2.2 million jobs in just over five years.

Former Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank are the cause of this recession, not President George W. Bush. A Democratic Congress promoted loans that should have never been made in the first place. I would like to see Herman Cain secure the Republican nomination for the 2012 election, but it doesn't look like he is corrupt enough.

The Democrats under Obama have not only gone against the American people by passing Obamacare, but bribed and coerced congressmen into voting for it. They have used money donated to them by public labor unions for campaigning for office. Where in the private sector is there an opportunity to raise your own salary without getting permission from your boss, the American people?

If we don't turn this country around soon, it will be too late. Please pray that the American people will wake up and realize what is happening to their country right under their noses. Vote the bums out - all of them.

Neil Powers

Carson City


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