Letters to the Editor Sept. 2

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Cost not only criterion in picking tax preparer

In a recent article for the Nevada Appeal, John Bullis implied that all less-expensive tax preparers are non-trained, not-certified and non-IRS-approved folks.

I am one of those less-expensive folks. I have been a professional tax preparer for eight years, and every one of those years, I have been trained and been given tax examinations by my parent corporation.

He didn't mention that starting in 2010, all tax preparers had to be registered with the IRS, and starting in 2012, prospective tax preparers will have to pass an IRS test to practice.

At the present time, CPAs are exempt from taking the IRS test. Does that give you a comfy feeling?

About 20 years ago, the IRS questioned one of my personal tax returns. I went to a prominent CPA tax office in Carson City looking for assistance. After reviewing my situation, the CPA assigned to my return advised me to just pay the bill. The amount was in excess of $400 plus interest and penalties. I felt that my return was correct, so I left and decided to fight the IRS by myself.

After months of research and correspondence back and forth, I receved a letter from the IRS - within 30 days of my Tax Court appearance - acknowledging that my return was accepted by the IRS.

To the best of my knowledge, the IRS has never questioned the returns of any of my clients due to any decisions I may have made.

Don Gurney

Carson City

A new law is based upon recompense to the air passengers having to wait long hours due to overbooking.

As soon as I heard this notice, based on monetary recompense, my mind went to the other, most costly effect, which might result in planes not completely ready to fly being put into flight assignment in such a rush that it might not be ready and crash.

What I am personally feeling these days is that I, who always used to love to fly, am now feeling how precious every hour and day is to me at 94 years of age.

I am considering going back to my old travel means, Greyhound Bus or train. They are safe and clean and courteous and less expensive. Try it. I've made some fine friends on buses and trains.

Nikki Campbell

Carson City

As part of my job, I travel to various grocery businesses in this area. This being said, I would like to share some shameless acts I have witnessed.

One day while driving to Walmart in north Carson, I arrived just in time to witness a man parked at the gas station's lot get out of his late-model car, walk across the street to Walmart's exit and plant himself on the curb holding a cardboard sign begging for handouts.

This reminded me of the homeless person I witnessed sitting at Walmart's exit a week earlier, talking on his cellphone.

A major percentage of Americans really are homeless in this country, like the man who used to sleep in the tree behind the credit union in north Carson, until the day he got evicted or moved on.

I find people who are not really in the situation of being homeless - pretending to be homeless, just to receive some undeserved handouts - shameful.

Be thankful that you have a roof over your heads. If you can go to Walmart and pretend you're homeless as a daily routine, get a job and become a useful American.

The issue of American veterans' being homeless while illegals are living in American taxpayer-subsidised housing, I will address on a later date.

As Americans we need to watch out for one another's well being.

Donald Jackson

Carson City


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