Hohl dealership remodel under way

Shannon Litz/Nevada AppealExterior construction is ongoing at Michael Hohl GM on Thursday morning.

Shannon Litz/Nevada AppealExterior construction is ongoing at Michael Hohl GM on Thursday morning.

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The economic forecast remains glum, and consumer confidence remains low, but despite the rocky "recovery," Michael Hohl, a 27-year-old Carson City car dealership, has a remodel project under way at its GM location at 3700 Carson St.

A new building permit for a $2.1 million remodel of the dealership was filed with the city early in August by SMC Construction. According to manager Tim Hohl, "We are on the backside of the recession. ... We are lucky enough to have been in business for 27 years with a lot of loyal customers." He said that the recession has made contracting and subcontracting more economical, as there is more competition for bidding during a recession. Meanwhile, the project will help local businesses and subcontractors by providing work.

According to Don Smit, project manager for SMC Construction, with 80 percent of the subcontractors coming from the Carson City area, a couple of hundred people will be employed through design and construction work.

"This is how you build confidence back into the community and economy," he said.

Hohl said that his dealership recently completed new buildings for its Subaru and Honda stores, and that the time seems right to remodel the GM store.

The remodel is based on GM standards, and has been in the planning stages for about 18 months. The remodel began July 1 and is expected to be finished Jan. 20.

Smit is overseeing the project. Everything but the roof is being redone, he said.

"It's almost a new building, except the concrete and roof." This includes a new facade, window frames, a remodeling of the interior, and new furniture.

"We are going for a friendlier, open, nice feel," Hohl said. Customers will have a more open, user friendly space and won't feel confined. There will be a kids' area with a TV and a playroom, including a wall they can color on. Hohl is also adding a covered space for cars that have been sold to keep them out of the weather, so when customers take delivery, their cars "stay shined and cleaned."

Hohl said the project is not expected to affect car prices; in fact, he said, it could even lower prices by helping the dealership sell more cars.


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